How To Write An Excellent Essay Introduction To Hook Your Reader?


An excellent essay introduction can grab the attention of your reader and set up the rest of the article accordingly. However, on the other hand, if you can’t write it properly, your professor might throw your write-up to the bin instantly.

Due to this reason, it’s important for you to write an essay introduction efficiently. And, with this blog, we’re going to focus on precisely that. So, without any further ado, let’s begin.

Writing An Introduction – A Step-By-Step Process!

Usually, when a professional custom essay writing services Fresh Essays, they tend to make a whole structure beforehand. This, in turn, helps them build up the story accordingly and offer the right information as needed. Let us tell you how they do it.

Step – 1: Hooking Up Your Reader.

The first sentence of your essay will set up the tone of your article. Therefore, we’ll ask you to spend a little bit of time here to write exactly how you want to express yourself.

Usually, the very first line of your essay should be crisp and short. And, you’ll also need to be sure that you’re not making it too dense. Just give a single information and leave it at that.

You can even make the sentence a little vague and catchy. This, in turn, will make the reader a little more curious and keep on reading the article.

Also, the hook will lead the reader deep into your essay.

Therefore, you have to share a little about the topic you’re writing about and why it’s so interesting.

Make sure to avoid making a plain fact-based statement or overly-broad claims too. It might rub the reader in the wrong way and make them avoid reading the essay any further.

Let us share an example to help you understand how you should write a hook –

What You Shouldn’t Do: Fire was an extremely important invention for mankind.

What You Should Do: The invention of fire was a prominent turning point in the history of mankind.

The first sentence, although correct, seems like a dry or basic fact. There’s not much to go on with it. However, the second sentence is making a bold claim and prompting you to ask –

“Why was the invention of fire so important?”

That’s how your hook should be – catchy, informative, and attention-grabbing. Anyway, let’s move onto the next step, then.

Step – 2: Offer A Little Bit Of Background Information.

Once you’re done with the hook, the next thing you should focus on is the background of the argument or topic. Depending on the subject of your essay, it might include –

  • An outline of the argument or debate you’re addressing through your essay.
  • The social, historical, and geographical context.
  • Defining the key terms efficiently and elaborately.
  • A summary of relevant research and theories regarding the topic.

Unlike the previous section, the information available here should be elaborate and broad. In addition to these, you must ensure that the whole segment is focusing on the topic only.

However, avoid giving out too much detail at once, as you need to mention them later again. So, if you write everything about it here, the section you’re going to write will be redundant.

Step – 3: Work On Your Thesis Statement.

Now, it’s time to narrow the focus of your article a little and provide information on precisely the information you want in it. This is going to be your thesis statement – a line or two that’ll be summing the argument of your topic. So, it’s better be well-written.

But, why should you write a thesis statement to begin with? Why is it so important?

Well, this section will test your ideas by distilling the same in a line or two.
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And, it’ll help in developing and organizing the argument too. Because of this reason, you’ll need to include the following attributes in this section properly –

  • It should express a single idea and build the whole theory upon it.
  • The thesis statement should take on a topic or subject that only reasonable people will disagree on.
  • It’ll deal with a topic that can be treated properly given the assignment’s nature.
  • The section must assert all of your conclusions regarding the subject correctly.

Let’s take a look at an example of a thesis statement –

As the very first writing structure designed solely for blind people, Braille was an exemplary accessibility tool. Not only it provided practical benefits, but helped in changing the cultural status of blindness as well. It helped blind people get a new aura to them.

Final Step – Mapping The Structure Of Your Essay.

Reading a long and informative essay can get a little boring after a while. Therefore, it might be helpful for giving people what they’re looking for quickly. And, you can easily do it by signposting everything you have covered in the article – from the intro to the end.

Just ensure to keep the whole section as concise as possible so that people can perceive what your article offers at one go. Here’s how you should write it.

This essay starts by discussing the invention of fire and how it helped us since then. It, then, talks about the usage of in all ages and the gradual process of its evolution as a prominent tool. Subsequently, it also explores how humankind is using fire to take care of their everyday duties in today’s world efficiently.

Ending Note!

Sometimes, when you research and write, your argument or point of view might change from one side to another. Hence…

Once you’re done writing the article, you should always revise it twice on the very day. And, do the same again in the following week to ensure that it’s all looking good and all.
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Also, while you’re at it, you should ensure that the thesis statement looks from every side.

We might be saying this too many times at this point – but you should make it as proper as possible. Don’t write too much or too little. Be concise, and that’ll be all.