HTC embarrasses when using Photoshop for promotional campaign

The HTC Vive Flow VR is the new virtual reality headset that is making people talk, standing out for having an extremely portable and very light design. However, not everything runs perfectly for the manufacturer.

On the HTC Vive Flow VR official page, where you can already pre-purchase for “only” 700 euros, the brand highlights its design, stating that it easily integrates into the life of any user.

The problem comes when we go through the page and see some of the images used in the promotional campaign. HTC decided that instead of using photo models to photograph its new gadget in use, it would be a better option to use our old friend Photoshop.

HTC caught using Photoshop to promote headset of virtual reality

It didn’t take long for HTC to put itself in a prominent position, once again for the worst reasons. As you can see in the screenshots below, the manufacturer decided to buy stock images from Shutterstock and iStock, then asking their designers to “stick” the HTC Vive Flow VR on the faces of the models.

HTC Vive Flow VRHTC Vive Flow VR

HTC Vive Flow VR

HTC Vive Flow VRHTC Vive Flow VRHTC Vive Flow VR

HTC Vive Flow VR HTC Vive Flow VRHTC Vive Flow VRHTC Vive Flow VR

HTC Vive Flow VRHTC Vive Flow VR

This is not the first time a smartphone manufacturer has decided to use Photoshop for their promotional campaigns. Although in this situation it’s not that serious, it certainly won’t play in favor of HTC.

The new virtual reality headset has already received quite a few positive reviews, where the fact of its design was really highlighted. and weight are very interesting. However, if the manufacturer really had confidence in the product, it will be that they would not have invested a little more in their campaigns. your email, just

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