Huawei wants to be No. 1 in smartphones in Portugal again

Huawei has already set the goal: it wants to be number 1 again in smartphones in Portugal, a country that is considered by the manufacturer as one of the most relevant in Western Europe. It will be difficult without the Android system, but the Japanese brand has already shown great resilience.

Portugal is one of the most relevant countries in Western Europe for Huawei, where consumers are )early adopters of new technologies and innovative experiences that recognize the innovation and quality of Huawei products. For these reasons, Huawei aims to return to a leading position in smartphones and achieve the same leadership in the remaining categories of the brand’s product portfolio, from wearables, to audio, laptops, tablets and more recently monitors.

The goal was outlined by William Tian, ​​European Director of the Consumer Unit at Huawei, who, in a brief visit to our country, showed that “Portugal is a pioneering and strategic market within the group of countries that make up the cluster in Western Europe, often being one of Huawei’s pioneer countries in launching some first-hand products. We know that the Portuguese value innovation at Huawei. We know that the Portuguese value at Huawei innovation, high quality products, cutting-edge design, excellent after-sales service and a professional team, highly qualified and prepared for all present and future challenges. Therefore, our goal for the Portuguese market is to return to a leading position in smartphones and reach it in the other categories.”

Huawei Smartphones

Currently, more than two million Portuguese use Huawei smartphones and growth prospects with the launch of the new Huawei nova 9 smartphone are quite positive. Although the brand has lost its position in the smartphone market, following the challenges that have been imposed in recent years, William Tian says that “in the remaining product categories there has been an important growth rate that compensates for the loss suffered in the smartphone market . We are aware that there is a huge penetration of smartphones in Portugal, but we also know that it is a market that can grow little more, unlike what happens in other product categories, such as wearables and audio.”

Huawei Wearables occupy 2nd position in the ranking of best sellers

The implementation and acceptance of Huawei’s new product categories happened after very natural way in Portugal and, based on the results already obtained, the success of these products is promising. In the Wearables category, Huawei is in second place in the ranking of the most sold wearables in Portugal, having registered a growth of 25%, when compared to last year, and the goal is to be number 1. In the Audio category, in which the Huawei Freebuds Series stands out – the growth was 150%, this year compared to the previous year. “These growths prove that our products are of high quality and respond to the needs of consumers, who continue to choose Huawei products in their daily lives”, underlines William Tian, ​​European Director of the Consumer Unit at Huawei.

Right now, one in four people with a smartphone have a wearable (wrist or audio) and, in the near future, Huawei expects this ratio to be one to one, which represents an excellent opportunity growth in the category for the brand itself. “Huawei still has many innovations that it will bring to these categories and that meet the needs of consumers for these devices”, adds the responsible.

In recent years, and despite the challenges, the Huawei implemented the Seamless Life 1+8 strategy, aiming to expand the Huawei product family beyond the smartphone. “We are in the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) where the smartphone is part of a whole panoply of products that connect to each other so that they become more efficient. This is the reason why Huawei has created an ecosystem of products, which is already a success in Portugal”, says William Tian.

In addition to these categories, Huawei is preparing the launch of two new monitors high-level in the Portuguese market – Huawei MateWiew and Huawei Mateview GT –, and also bets on the portable and tablet market.

Huawei’s online store registers revenues of more than one million in less than 6 months

Huawei’s bet on the Portuguese market was reinforced with the opening of the brand’s online store in April of this year. Since its opening, Huawei has already recorded more than one million euros in revenue and the goal is to double by the end of the year or equal. In terms of products, the most prominent categories with the highest number of sales are wearables, PCs and audio.

One of the reasons that led Huawei to move forward with the opening of a store online was to create the possibility of making all products (from different categories) available in a single “space”, where consumers can get to know the news, have access to a greater number of products and take advantage of the promotional campaigns in force.

“Our online space is not just a store where we sell our products, it is also a community space where Huawei consumers can share their queries, seek answers and proudly display their Huawei products . Since we opened our online store, we have already had close to 20 a thousand people registered”, he stresses William Tian.

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