Hugh Jackman Had Basal Cell Carcinoma Testing While Wearing a Nasal Bandage: “Please Wear Sunscreen”

Hugh Jackman, who has long been candid about his experience with basal cell carcinoma, the most prevalent type of skin cancer, stated, “I’ve just had two biopsies done.” Hugh Jackman provides yet another health update while urging everyone to use sunblock.

The 54-year-old Golden Globe winner, who has already had treatment for skin cancer, urged his 31.1 million followers to “put some sunscreen on” in an Instagram, Clip posted on Monday. He also showed off a bandage covering his nose following the most recent biopsies.

So I wanted you to hear it directly from me, just in case someone saw me on the street or something like that, he said. My great doctor, Dr. Iron, who just performed two biopsies on me, said, “I just had two biopsies. She only noticed small things, maybe or might not be a basal cell in her view. She doesn’t know.”

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Just to remind you, the basal cell is the least deadly type of skin cancer. “I’ll find out in two or three days, and as soon as I know, I’ll let you know,” said Jackman.

Basal cell carcinoma is the most prevalent type of skin cancer, according to the Skin Cancer Foundation. It is brought on by the “abnormal, uncontrolled development of basal cells” and is often curable when treated early.

In light of the impending summer, Jackman pleaded with his followers to “please apply sunscreen,” adding, “No matter how much you want to tan, trust me. These are all things that occurred 25 years ago. It’s coming out now.”

In the video message, Jackman said, “Please be cautious. Put some sunscreen on. You’ll still have a fantastic time out there.”

After his wife Deborra-Lee Furness advised him to have the mark on his nose examined, Jackman initially had skin cancer removed from his nose in 2013. “Wow, was she right,” Jackman said of his wife’s advice.

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Hugh Jackman Reveals Bandage on Nose After Latest Biopsies

The Deadpool 3 actor previously revealed to Media that a makeup artist pointed out the location while he was filming the 2014 Marvel picture X-Men: Days Of Future Past, adding that he has since gone “every three months for checks.”

In 2015, he stated, “Just hearing the term ‘cancer’ is usually a bit of a shock. I never used sunscreen growing up, so I was a great candidate for it.

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It’s fairly prevalent in Australia.

Basal cell carcinoma is just something you have to deal with.

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It’s cancerous. It will grow. You just have to get it out. “I was trying to keep calm about it but it wasn’t until [his skin cancer surgeon] Dr. Michael Albom really explained to me that what I had, in a way, was the kind of skin cancer you want to have if you’re going to have it,” continued Jackman.