Hunter Moore Girlfriend- How Long Did They Have a Relationship?

hunter moore girlfriend

Hunter Moore, a California native, and convicted felon was born on March 9, 1986, in Sacramento, California. Rolling Stone referred to him as “the Internet’s most vilified man” in a headline.

His revenge porn website Is Anyone Up? was launched in 2010 and allowed users to post sexually explicit photos of people without their permission, often accompanied by personal information such as their names and addresses. Despite repeated requests, he refused to remove the images. It was said that Moore, like Charles Manson, was a “professional life ruiner.”

Hunter Moore’s Ex-Girlfriend

After the release of Netflix’s already-viral documentary, “Hunter Moore’s ex-girlfriend” is not a title many would want to publicise.

In spite of this, his ex-girlfriend, Kirra Hughes, took part in the new show and shared her feelings about dating the “king of revenge porn,” who destroyed many lives with his website Is Anyone Up? [dot] com during the early 2010s. There you have it: a decade after the demise of her longtime love.

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As Hunter Moore’s website, which published nude photos of people without their permission, was launched in 2010 and he was arrested by the FBI in 2015, fans regarded him as a god-like Internet troll.

People congregated online, in the comments section of his website, and in person at his live events and parties. A California-raised model known as Hughes accompanied him at all times during this period of time.

Her story is featured in Netflix’s documentary, which recounts how she first met Moore at a party and learned about his website when they began their relationship. As she recalls, she refused to accept that he had done anything wrong at the time.

Who Is Kirra Hughes?

Hunter Moore’s ex-girlfriend is Kirra Hughes. At the age of 18, she moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in fashion design.

The first time Kirra met Hunter was at one of his parties. Both of them felt “an immediate attraction” to one another, she said. He was described as “ambitious but impatient” by her ex-girlfriend.

What Happened to Kirra Hughes?

Kirra has relocated to the Big Apple. With PhotoBook Magazine, Kirra said: “Growing up in California was amazing, and I was so fortunate to do so. However, even before I moved here, New York City was home to me.

Today, Kirra is both a model and a scenic designer in New York City. She was in the music video for DRGER’s song “New Life” and has worked with companies like The Kooples, Filthy Mouth Creative, and Ponyboy modelling their products. There are over 26,000 people who follow Kirra on Instagram alone.

How Long Did They Have a Relationship Before They Broke Up?

Despite the fact that there is no official date for their relationship, it appears that the two began dating in 2010 and ended it in 2014, when Moore was arrested.

According to federal authorities, Moore admitted to charges of aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting an unauthorised intrusion into a computer system after Is Anyone Up? was shut down due to Moore’s involvement. In 2015, he was sentenced to two and a half years in prison.

According to an interview with Photobook, Hughes made the move to New York City when she was about 23.

What Did Hughes Know About Is Anyone Up?

hunter moore girlfriend

Hughes claims she was innocent of any wrongdoing despite knowing about Moore’s shady dealings. She also appears to be distressed by what happened.

For this, I’m sorry and upset.” According to The New York Post, she says in the documentary, “I just wish I had known better at the time,” when asked about her lack of action.

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In the wake of Hughes’ own experience with Moore’s site, she finally made the decision to leave the state. Threatening and pleading messages were sent to Hughes by victims of Is Anyone Up?, who hoped she could persuade Moore to remove their own images from the site.

As reported by The New York Post, despite receiving numerous Facebook messages from people asking for her help, Hughes was unable to provide any assistance and later admitted in the documentary that she “regrets not speaking up when I had a voice.”

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