“What Does ‘ice in My Veins’ Mean?” Definitions of Common NBA Slang and Signs!

The term “ice in my veins” is currently trending on TikTok, although its meaning remains unclear.

You may have seen a plethora of videos recently on TikTok that include the phrase “ice in my veins.”

It’s typically accompanied by an equally baffling hand motion, and it’s got everyone on TikTok scratching their heads.

What does it mean to have “ice in my veins”? What is it?

Explain the Meaning of “Ice in My Veneers.”

ice in my veins

The phrase “ice on my veins” is gaining popularity on TikTok, however, it originally came from the world of sports.

Ice in the veins is a term commonly used by NBA players and other athletes to express a resolute mentality in the face of adversity.

For most sports, this phrase is used in the latter moments of a game, when a victory or defeat can hinge on a single play.

There Is Typically a Hand Gesture that Goes Along with It.

The phrase “ice in my veins” is frequently used on TikTok, usually accompanied by the strange hand motion of placing two fingers on the opposite arm.

In most cases, Mother Mother’s Hayloft plays in the background as a few lines of text are shown on the screen.

NBA players frequently use this gesture at the close of games to show that they are mentally prepared for a tough finish.

D’Angelo Russell of the Los Angeles Lakers is credited with popularising this posture.

However, hand motion has taken on the new significance of TikTok.

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The ‘two Fingers on Arm’ Trend Explained

ice in my veins

The ‘ice in my veins’ gesture popularised by D’Angelo Russell has taken on a new meaning thanks to its viral spread on TikTok.

Now, it’s used to suggest that someone is disclosing a truth or reality about himself.

In most cases, these videos will feature a pairing of two separate segments. First, a TikTok user narrates a tale about their life. The scene shifts to them putting two fingers on their arm in a new clip.

Concurrent with the hand gesture, they typically expose some major information about themselves via text on the screen.

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