In a Moving Letter, Selma Blair Urges Her Younger Self to “Trade Your Fear for Hope” (exclusive)

Selma Blair sent a moving open letter to her younger self that was published in PEOPLE’s 2023 Beautiful Issue.

Blair, 50, counseled and inspired her younger self with the actresses Jessica Williams, Rosario Dawson, Christina Ricci, and Eva Longoria.

In The Ordinary World, an actress wrote:

“I am aware of your anxiety about aging. Despite your idea that you won’t be able to do anything successful adults do, it won’t be an issue. Avoid dwelling too much on the future in your mind.

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Selma Blair Tells Younger Self to 'Trade Your Fear For Hope' (

“I remember you so well at this age, and how you felt something when this picture was taken right here while REO Speedwagon was playing.”

“That thing you couldn’t identify. having faith. Replace your fear with hope. Continue reading. Write each day. Have faith in you, please. Tell the truth. Observe. There will be no problems. bad things as well. And it will all play a role in helping you stand up again and move on. You merit to be cherished.



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In a moving letter, Selma Blair urges her younger self to "Trade Your Fear For Hope" (Exclusive)

The actress added, “P.S. You bought yourself the horse you always will hope for.” His name is Mr. Nibbles. You’ll have lots of choices. Please do not panic. then inhale deeply. and exhaled after that. Pass the open windows and keep going.

In October 2018, the native of Michigan was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS), a chronic illness of the central nervous system.

The May 2023 issue of British Vogue featured Blair on the cover; she was open with the magazine about openly using a cane to help with her mobility following her MS diagnosis.

I have a physical and emotional affinity to the cane,” she told the magazine. It is a natural outgrowth of who I am.