In a Tag Heuer Ad Campaign, Ryan Gosling as Barbie’s Ken Reveals His Real-Life Transformation!

In a Tag Heuer Ad Campaign, Ryan Gosling as Barbie's Ken Reveals His Real-Life Transformation!

Few could have anticipated how bizarre Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie’s initial trailers would be. We couldn’t be more thrilled about this project, from Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling’s enjoyment of Barbiecore roller skates to the news that three key Sex Education stars will be working on it. Additionally, it appears as if the Barbie Effect has spread into Ryan Gosling’s private life.

Since 2021, the actor has served as an ambassador for the prestigious watchmaker TAG Heuer. However, his most recent ad campaign for the company is raising peroxide-blonde eyebrows all over the place. In order to promote his new movie The Gray Man, in which he plays a brunette spy known only by the enigmatic alias Sierra Six, the Canadian actor has partnered with the company.

But for the photo session, Gosling decided to keep his sun-bright Ken locks. Even more cleverly, one of the campaign photos features the actor perilously hanging from a high ledge while wearing a finer timepiece, like Spider-Man. The whole thing has greatly amused the supporters.

On TAG Heuer’s Instagram, a commenter compared Ryan Gosling to Fred from Scooby Doo. Regarding the conversation about Barbie, this is a common viewpoint on Twitter as well. Others made jokes about Ken venturing into espionage in the meanwhile.

One commenter joked, “Barbie blade runner feature.” “Ken performing tricks now? Very unlikely,” a third person added. Others joined in with a straightforward but impactful: “Ken?!”

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the commercial was filmed concurrently with Barbie filming, which put Frédéric Arnault, CEO of TAG Heuer, in a difficult situation. At a meal to commemorate the launch, Arnault said, “There was considerable debate internally because Ryan was blond for another movie he was shooting when we did these photographs.

In a Tag Heuer Ad Campaign, Ryan Gosling as Barbie's Ken Reveals His Real-Life Transformation!

Gosling ultimately received permission to keep his golden hair. ‘OK, we have to be authentic with the way we shot it, and it’s not meant to be a strict duplicate of The Gray Man,’ we reasoned. It’s an entirely new campaign.

Gosling stated that he was thrilled with the outcome after joining the conversation. Knowing that The Gray Man would be Ken’s favorite movie makes me happy in a secret way, therefore seeing him in these photos makes me happy.

Gosling, meanwhile, recently attended the premiere of The Gray Man in Hollywood wearing another vivid outfit that Barbie would probably have liked. Is Ryan Gosling truly of the opinion that blondes are more fun, or is it just a sophisticated sort of method acting? Who knows, but in any case, it seems to fit him.

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