In Korea, ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ Wins the Fourth Weekend at The Box Office!

For the fourth weekend in a row, the South Korean box office was dominated by the comedy action picture “Confidential Assignment 2: International.”

Despite a plethora of new releases timed to capitalize on the National Foundation Day holiday weekend, it has continued to be successful.

Sales of 304,000 tickets for “Confidential Assignment 2” throughout the weekend brought in $2.19 million and gave the film a market share of 29%.

Earnings over the weekend brought the total since its introduction on September 7, 2022, to $43.3 million.

In Korea, 'Confidential Assignment 2' Wins the Fourth Weekend at The Box Office!

Following “The Roundup” (12.7 million) and “Hansan: Rising Dragon,” it is just the fourth picture this year to have seen six million or more in theaters (7.26 million).

Second place went to the Korean comedy “Honest Candidate 2,” which grossed $1.74 million over the weekend and .

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69 million in its first five days of release on Wednesday.
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Life Is Beautiful, a musical from Korea, came in at number three. Weekend earnings were $1.07 million, while first-week totals were $1.75 million.

Two additional recent releases also made it into the top five, and they’re both animated! Earning 9,000 over the weekend and .

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04 million in Japan, “Crayon Shin-chan: School Mystery!

The Splendid Tenkasu Mystery” is the country’s highest-grossing animated film of all time.

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The Korean film “Hello Carbot the Movie: The Secret of the Suspicious Magic Troupe” earned $538,000 over the weekend and $612,000 in total.

In Korea, 'Confidential Assignment 2' Wins the Fourth Weekend at The Box Office!

There may be a continuation of the recent box office success due to the fact that Monday is a national holiday in South Korea. The 9th and 10th of October are also days off. This most recent one, however, did little to improve box office receipts.

In comparison to the previous week’s non-holiday session, which brought in .

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21 million, this past weekend brought in $7.71 million across the country.

Since the beginning of August, Korean box office has returned to the $7-10 million per weekend range it had previously occupied before the Chuseok holiday in the middle of September.

In Korea, 'Confidential Assignment 2' Wins the Fourth Weekend at The Box Office!

The previous three months had been particularly fruitful because most COVID limitations had been lifted at the beginning of May, setting the stage for this recent surge.

Two new movies, the re-released classic ” Avatar ” and the Korean thriller “Project Wolf Hunting,” were pushed aside by the influx of newcomers.

Over the weekend, “Avatar” earned $697,000. This brings the film’s domestic gross to $2.30 million. With a score of $270,000 during the weekend, “Project Wolf Hunting” dropped from second to the seventh position. Its total for the past 12 days is at $3.07 million.