In Nine Perfect Strangers, Are Samara Weaving’s Teeth Real or Fake? Fans Baffled by Actor’s Appearance

The stellar ensemble cast of Nine Perfect Strangers on Hulu has made the show a topic of conversation across all social media platforms. Among all the topics discussed, Samara Weaving’s teeth have become the most famous. This is the place where we fill you in on the details.

In the new show, Samara plays the role of Jessica Chandler. The Australian actress plays an influential figure, and her followers can’t get enough of her!

Samara Weaving Teeth: Real or Fake?

In Nine Perfect Strangers, Are Samara Weaving's Teeth Real or Fake? Fans Baffled by Actor's Appearance

Even a cursory glance at Samara reveals that her on-screen persona is a far cry from her actual appearance. The actress has undergone extensive plastic surgery to play the part of an influential figure.

Samara, who typically presents as a blonde, is shown here with hair that is a darker hue than she typically wears. There is a noticeable difference in the shape of her face, and her eyebrows look like they’ve been raised.

Her teeth, however, were noticeably whiter than usual and stuck out among the rest of her physical attributes. Quite a few viewers were quick to conclude that the actress had veneers or “new teeth” fabricated specifically for the part.

In the same interview with Digital Spy, Samara revealed that she had been using artificial teeth the whole time.

Having wires tugging my face upward and wearing false teeth helped me get that “face lift” appearance. Also, the makeup artists did an outstanding job.

She attributed the fullness of her lips to the work of makeup artist Sian Howard.

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Fans React With Hilarious Memes

Concerned fans flocked to Twitter to ask about Samara’s smile. Inquiring minds wanted to know what the actress had done to herself to look so different.

Some people on the social networking platform confirmed that her teeth were false, while others spread memes.

One person wrote, “absolutely no one: samara weaving in nine perfect strangers.”

A further contributor said, “runs to Twitter to see what people are saying about samara weaving’s artificial teeth in nine complete strangers.”

One user captioned this image, “Me chewing samara weaving’s artificial teeth#NinePerfectStrangers.”

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Cast Members Couldn’t Recognize the Actor

Knowing what the characters of Nine Perfect Strangers said about Samara’s new look, the audience’s reaction to the makeover isn’t shocking.

In Nine Perfect Strangers, Are Samara Weaving's Teeth Real or Fake? Fans Baffled by Actor's Appearance

Actress said co-star Regina Hall didn’t even recognize her in the same interview. Evidently, upon recognizing Samara as Jessica, she questioned, “Who’s that?”

“Nobody knew who I was. Face unlock didn’t work on my phone. When Samara remarked, “Everyone’s reaction and behavior changed based on how I looked, even though they knew I wasn’t Jessica,” she meant that people’s perceptions of her changed.

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