In the Dark Season 5: What Time Will the Cw Broadcast in The Dark Season 4 Episode 13 (series Finale)?

In the Dark on The CW will give devoted viewers a “satisfying” send-off, claims series creator Corinne Kingsbury, despite learning that Season 4 would be its final run just weeks before the debut.

In the first three seasons of the drama series, Murphy Mason (played by Perry Mattfeld) evolved from a slothful receptionist to a drunken vigilante investigator, a drug dealer, and a fugitive. For the duration of Season 4 (now airing Mondays at 9/8c), Murphy has collaborated closely with her ex, Max (Casey Deidrick), best friend Felix (Morgan Krantz), and his sister Lesley (Marianne Rendón) in order to avoid going to prison for her various misdeeds.

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Overview of Episode 12

Malakai directed while Yael Zinkow and Jeannine Renshaw wrote the preceding episode of In The Dark Season 4, titled Going Up. Max and Murphy discussed getting hitched in the episode, which aired on Monday, August 29.

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Later, to assist Murphy and Max in getting ready for the occasion, Felix and Leslie arrived. Finally reconciling was Sarah and Darnell.

in the dark season 5

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In order to figure out where the money for the drug sale was coming from and use it to find Murphy, Josh started to piece the puzzle together. He also looked at the bank routing information. James McKay was identified by him. Because she was blind and couldn’t identify him, McKay wanted Murphy in the room. Aside from that, he desired to continue their conversation.

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Is The Dark Renewed for Season 5?

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No, In the Dark will end with its fourth and last season, as it has already been revealed.

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In May 2022, The CW made the cancellation of In the Dark official.

in the dark season 5

The news outlet Collider notes that other shows, including Charmed, Dynasty, Roswell, New Mexico, Naomi, and 4400, were also canceled on the same day. In light of this, it seems obvious that the network was only choosing which shows deserved renewal and which ones didn’t, choosing In the Dark for the list of options that didn’t make the cut.

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In the Dark Season, 4 Has How Many Episodes?

In the Dark season, 4 will have a total of 13 episodes, according to Netflix Life.

The same number of episodes were supplied in each of the previous three seasons, so this may not come as a huge surprise to viewers.

in the dark season 5

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A series finale date hasn’t been set in stone as of this writing because it’s unclear whether there will be any additional breaks to break up the season.

However, when episode 13 eventually airs, viewers will know for certain that the show’s last stretch has been achieved. An era’s end is imminent.