In the Upcoming Movie Armor Wars, Which Marvel Villains Will Appear?

Interesting new developments have emerged in the MCU since the studio began adapting some of its most recognizable stories into TV series or one-off movies.

Armor Wars, based on the Iron Man comic arc of the same name, was announced as a Disney+ television series initially, but it was revealed this week that the show would be undergoing a slight makeover.

After originally being planned as a six-part TV series, Yassir Lester and Don Cheadle have decided to turn Armor Wars into a feature film, with Cheadle playing James “Rhodey” Rhodes/War Machine.

Armor Wars has been in development for quite some time, and now that it has been officially greenlit for production, it raises the question of what, if any, bigger impact the film could have on the greater MCU.

What Marvel villains, in particular, could appear, considering the original “Armor Wars” storyline from the comics? Listed below are a few potential solutions.

Justin Hammer

In the Upcoming Movie Armor Wars, Which Marvel Villains Will Appear?

Sam Rockwell’s fan-favorite character, Justin Hammer who last featured in Iron Man 3, has been on the minds of moviegoers ever since he was announced to return in a recent Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Some fans have expressed interest in seeing Hammer show up in Thunderbolts, and even if it doesn’t happen, he could easily make a comeback in Armor Wars, because he is a major reason why Tony Stark’s technology ends up in the wrong hands in the comics.


Also contributing to that precipitating event was Spymaster, whose theft of Tony’s technology and subsequent sale to Hammer served as a trigger.

Spymaster, an expert in industrial espionage who has yet to appear in the MCU, would be a fantastic addition to the cast and would help to expand upon the underworld established in films like The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

Doctor Doom

In the Upcoming Movie Armor Wars, Which Marvel Villains Will Appear?

Tony suspects Doctor Doom of stealing his technology because he is one of the most prominent characters in the “Armor Wars” comic.

While that doesn’t happen, he does participate in Iron Man: Armored Adventures‘ retelling of the story arc and has squared off against Tony before.

Armor Wars, which has been rumored to be getting a cinematic reboot, might be an interesting spot for Doom to make an appearance in the MCU.

The Punisher

As a result of the events of Secret Empire, Frank Castle has a new and memorable connection to the Iron Man mythos: he now wears the War Machine armor.

For a time, Frank takes up the mantle, adding his own brand of violence to the role, before handing it back to a reborn Rhodey.

There are as many speculations about when and how Jon Bernthal’s Frank Castle could officially arrive in the MCU as there are about Doctor Doom, and if Rhodey did get the War Machine armor, it would surely present a new and interesting clash for the character.


In the Upcoming Movie Armor Wars, Which Marvel Villains Will Appear?

The events of “Armor Wars” are only tenuously connected to the development of one costumed persona: Firepower, which is created by Tony’s competitor, Edwin Cord, in an effort to build a new armored supersoldier.

With the spread of Tony’s technology, the Firepower project shifted its goal to eliminating Iron Man entirely, setting up a confrontation that could have a dramatic resolution in the film. As an added bonus, it would be awesome to see the original armor recreated in a real-world setting.


One of the strangest and possibly greatest names associated with “Armor Wars,” Stilt-Man is based on a Daredevil villain who uses a metal outfit with stilts to achieve ludicrously varying heights.

The character’s aesthetic ridiculousness has made him a fan favorite, and he has lately met paths with Tony in the ongoing Iron Man series.

Stilt-Man is one of the most memorable methods to demonstrate the potential of Tony’s technology to change the lives of other weirdos in costumes.