In Top Boy, What Happened to Dris? and Who Killed Him?

It’s been torturous waiting three years since we were left hanging about Dris’s fate at the end of Season 1 of the Top Boy revival. With the return of the dark Netflix series, fans can find out the truth about who killed Dris.

Season 2 of Top Boy gave us a whole new cast of characters to root for, but some old favorites weren’t included, most notably Dris.

Its first run on Channel 4 lasted for two seasons before the show was abruptly canceled in 2013 for no reason. After Drake expressed interest, Netflix decided to bring back the show and continue the story of the Summerhouse gang’s struggle for turf dominance.

Season One Finale Recap

In Top Boy, What Happened to Dris? and Who Killed Him?

Dushane demoted Dris at the end of Season 1 because his deteriorating health made him a burden in business. Dris’ mental state worsens as rival gang member Jermaine approaches him outside his daughter’s school.

If Dris reveals where Sully and Dushane are, Jermaine will pay him more than the Summerhouse gang did for the information. In his desire to provide a better life for his daughter, Dris betrays his friends.

Unfortunately for Dris, Sully can tell right away who has betrayed him, as Dris was the only one who knew where they were staying in the Summerhouse estate.

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Who Killed Dris?

In Top Boy, What Happened to Dris? and Who Killed Him?

Fans hear gunshots after Dris has a heated talk with Sully at the end of Season 1, but we never see his death onscreen.

Next, in Season 2, Sully is having a hard time accepting the reality that he murdered his friend. As far as I know, Dris has gone out of his way to help Mandy, the mother of his daughter, find work.

Fans will have to say goodbye to Dris for good, as the second season of Top Boy confirms that Sully fired the fatal shot, despite social media rumors to the contrary.

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Fans Speculate About Dris’ Death

Despite the off-screen gunfire, Dris’s hopeful admirers flocked to Twitter to express their anticipation for his comeback. A supporter of Dris even put £100 on his continued survival. In all honesty”

The release of Top Boy is imminent, and another user exclaimed, “Can’t wait to binge!” I’m praying for Dris’s health, doe.

Someone expressed their sadness at what happened to Dris, writing, “Dris #TopBoy Dris deserved more.”

Having written, “New Top Boy tomorrow still thinking Sully didn’t kill Dris,” this fan has set himself up for disappointment.

Another fan tweeted, “I bet Dris is still alive in season 2 of Top Boy,” echoing a similar sentiment.

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