Industry Season 3: Possible Release Date on HBO Max!

industry season 3

An American television drama series, Industry, was created by Mickey Down and Konrad Kay and aired on PBS.

It aired on HBO in the United States on November 9th, 2020, and on BBC Two in the United Kingdom on November 10th, 2020. For the second season, which premiered on August 1, 2022, the show was renewed in December 2020.

What’s the Story Behind This Show on Tv?

Currently airing on the HBO cable channel in the US, the Industry TV show features Myha’la Herrold and Marisa Abela as well as Harry Lawtey and David Jonsson. Other stars include Ken Leung, Conor MacNeill, Alex Alomar Akpobome, and Indy Lewis.

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Sagar Radia, Mark Dexter, and Caoilfhionni Dunne are just a few of the cast members who have returned for more than one episode each. There are only a few permanent positions available at a prestigious London investment bank, and a group of young graduates is vying for them.

industry season 3

Pierpoint & Co. is looking for five young graduates, all of whom are eager to work there: Harper Stern (Herrold), Robert Spearing (Lawtey), Yasmin Kara-Hanani (Abela), Hari Dhar (NRizwan), Augustus ‘Gus’ Sackey (Jonsson), and Hari Dhar (NRizwan).

As with the first season, season two picks up a year after it peaked. The grads can no longer use their status as a graduate to shield themselves from responsibility. As the market continues to rip, traders on Pierpoint’s trading floor have become more agitated and paranoid than ever.

Returning Actors and Actresses

Robert Spearing (Harry Lawtey), Harper Stern (Myha’la Herrold), Yasmin Kara-Hanani (Marisa Abela), and Gus Sackey (Marisa Abela) are among the Pierpoint & Co. employees returning for season 2 of Industry (David Jonsson).

Their boss Eric Tao (Lost actor Ken Leung) and team leader Conor MacNeill (Artemis Fowl) as Kenny Kilblane keep them all in check as always.

Among the returning cast members are Sarah Parish as Pierpoint’s eccentric client Nicole Craig, Nicholas Bishop as Yasmin’s friend and client Maxim Alonso, Sagar Radia as banker Rishi Ramdani, Mark Dexter as Hilary Wyndham, and Caoilfhionni Dunne as Jackie Walsh.

In recent days, Harry Lawtey has shared his thoughts on the role of Robert. It’s a given that each character you portray has an acorn of your personality in it. “Many of my friends were amused when I told them what I was planning on doing in the future. I wouldn’t say I learned a tonne about banking from Industry.”

Will HBO Cancel or Renew Industry for Season Three?

industry season 3

Because it’s a co-production with the BBC, this show isn’t as expensive to make for HBO. Although the show’s traditional ratings have remained low, it has received a lot of support from viewers and reviewers.

It has a good chance of being renewed, in my opinion. As new information becomes available, I’ll post it here. Sign up for industry cancellation and renewal alerts for free.

Ratings for Season Two

The second season of HBO’s Industry has an average 18-49 demo rating of 0.01 and an average live+same day audience of 82,000 viewers (includes all DVR playback through 3:00 AM). Compared to the first season, that’s a 50% drop in the demo and a 25% drop in viewers.

A good indicator of how a show is doing, especially when compared to other shows on the same channel, these numbers don’t take into account further delayed or streaming viewing.

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More popular shows usually get renewed while less popular ones are canceled regardless of other economic factors. Compare Industry to other HBO original series.

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