Influence Decision Making with Heuristics

Whenever we think about the purchase process, it is natural that steps such as search and choice come into our perspective of the consumption journey. After all, these are essential phases for the customer to buy something.

However, what is almost never mentioned, even though it is as important as any other process – if not more important -, is decision making itself.

As it is the most relevant of all the stages that customers go through, knowing how to choose a purchase will help you to influence this moment that is conducive to their participation.

Thus, we reach an important term in psychology that helps us exactly in this process: the Heuristics.

Come understand everything about it and how it can help you attract and convert customers in a much simpler way than you think!

Influencie a Tomada de Decisão com a Heurística

What is Heuristics?

Have you ever made a decision or made an action without even realizing it?

This is more common than we think, after all those who have never left home and then asked themselves “I wonder if I have you king the plug charger?” or “did I lock the door at home?”.

These questions arise in our minds thanks to heuristics!

It is nothing more than a process of automatic decision-making, which is intended to spare our brains unnecessary choices.

More simply, it is the autopilot of human beings. In practice, the heuristics will absorb recurrent behaviors, such as the act of locking the door at home, and start to repeat them automatically, without our brain having to tire to do so.

Like this , knowing the heuristic process is essential in the marketing world. This is for the reason that it is more than present in consumption, in order to be very important for those who want to influence customers.

But let’s understand this subject a little better next!


How does the Heuristic influence your company?

All good digital marketing strategies are focused on knowing the customer . This is for the simple reason that we are fully aware that this is the best way to convert it.

Thus, issues such as the shopping experience and the consumption journey are essential for us to be able to convince the audience to buy.

A crucial factor in these two points we mentioned is speed. The better your Customer Experience, the easier it is for consumers to walk the journey. Thus, to further facilitate and accelerate this process, heuristics enter.

As a decision-making facilitator, the heuristic will help customers not get lost in the consumption journey and move forward faster.

This process prevents them from getting lost along the way, ensuring the conversion of the audience.

Como a Heurística influencia sua empresa

Types of Heuristics

However, for the heuristic to be put into practice, we need to know its applications.

There are several types of heuristics, but here we are just going to show you the two main ones. If you want to know its other possibilities, we recommend this complete content on the topic:

Heurística da Escassez Scarcity Heuristics

Who has never bought on impulse?

The scarcity heuristic is based on exactly that. In short, it will provoke a sense of urgency in the customer, using trigger words like “last pieces”, “last chance” or even timers and countdowns.

In this way, the public feels driven to consume in fear of losing the chance to buy. This decision process is done so fast when faced with the urgency factor that the heuristic takes over, guiding the customer through the purchase journey.

Heurística da Escassez

Heurística da EscassezAvailability Heuristics

The availability heuristic, on the other hand, is a mental shortcut that relates to how easily we have to associate one thought with another.

It sounds confusing, but it’s actually a very simple process.

As an example, I ask you to think of any brand of soft drink. The first brand that popped into his mind is the one that is most associated with the consumer item “soda” in his memory.

So, when you go to the market, the chances of buying a product of the brand what you thought is much greater than the other options to choose from, even if it is not necessarily the best of all.

In this way, when creating a strong brand that positions itself in a memorable way in the mind of customers, you’ll be able to build an availability heuristic in your customers’ minds, making you the top choice for them.


Heuristics is an essential decision-making process for those who want to learn how to influence and conquer their market niche.

Apply the knowledge you have we show you here so that you can unlock mental triggers in your audience and convince them in a much simpler way.