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Inside Edge Season 4 Release Date: Is It Officially Confirmed?

The Amazon Prime Video Indian sports series ‘Inside Edge,‘ created by Karan Anshuman, follows the Mumbai Mavericks, a T20 cricket franchise competing in the PowerPlay League, and the individuals who control the League for money and power. As the series progresses, the illegal activities taking place behind the flashy outward appearance of the sport are revealed, and the narrative begins to delve into the politics and power dynamics of the individuals who control cricket in the country.

The first season of the show, which premiered on July 10, 2017, was critically acclaimed, garnering international attention with an International Emmy nomination. With its incredible combination of sports drama and the underlying thriller arc in the narrative, the show has amassed a devoted fanbase among sports fans and thriller fans over three seasons. Fans and followers of the show must be wondering about the prospects of the show’s fourth round after the cliffhanger in the third season finale. So, here’s what you need to know!

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Inside Edge Season 4 Premiere Date 

‘Inside Edge’ season, 3 premiered in its entirety on Amazon Prime Video on December 3, 2021. The third season consists of ten episodes ranging in length from 34 to 58 minutes.
If you’re curious about the show’s fourth round, we’ll tell you what we know. Amazon Prime Video has yet to make an official announcement regarding the renewal of ‘Inside Edge’ for a fourth season. However, it is likely that the fourth season will be approved by the streaming platform once the third season has reached the required viewership. The show’s cast and crew have expressed optimism about the show’s future and reception.

Karan Oberoi, who plays Imtiaz Khan, expressed his desire to return to the show for season 4 on 12, September 2022, following his absence for the third season. Farhan Akhtar, the show’s executive producer, acknowledged the fans’ desire to see more of the show and the gritty narrative it offers in November 2021, prior to the season 3 premiere. The third season’s narrative also ends on a brutal cliffhanger, raising questions about the characters’ futures for a potential fourth season to answer. Given these circumstances, there is a strong possibility that the show will be revived. If it is renewed soon, we can expect ‘Inside Edge’ season 4 to premiere on 12, September 2022

Inside Edge Season 4 Cast: Who Could Appear?

Inside Edge Season 4

If the show is renewed, Vivek Oberoi (Vikrant Dhawan) and Richa Chadda (Zarina Malik) may reprise their roles as central characters. Tanuj Virwani (Vayu Raghavan), Sayani Gupta (Rohini Raghavan), Sapna Pabbi (Mantra Patil), Amit Sial (Devender Mishra), Jitin Gulati (Pritish), Himanshi Choudhry (Sudha Dhawan), and Akshay Oberoi (Rohit Shanbagh) could also make a comeback. Aamir Bashir’s character, Yashvardhan Patil/Bhaisaab, may not return as his fate is sealed near the end of the third season. We can also expect a slew of new faces and recurring cast members to return for a possible fourth season.

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What is the plot of Inside Edge Season 4?

The third season of the show concludes with unexpected twists and turns. Vayu is arrested as the Indian team defeats Pakistan in the final match. Meanwhile, Zarina assumes leadership of the Indian Cricket Board and declares the need for change. She threatens the board members with repercussions if they do not obey her orders. As per the Roy Commission’s recommendations, she dismisses office-bearers over the age of 70 as her first significant move after taking power. Vikrant is apprehended by the EBI, and rumours about his involvement in the racket circulate in the media. Following Vikrant’s arrest, Mantra obtains a betting licence from the government with the help of Zarina.

If the show is renewed for a fourth season, it is expected to centre on Zarina’s reign as ICB’s new mastermind. With the government on her side and a vulnerable Vikrant in custody, the stage is set for her to manipulate the pawns for her own benefit. A mantra may take over Bhaisaab’s throne after his death, and the betting licence may help her. Sudha’s road ahead will be difficult because of Vikrant’s arrest and loss of licence, but Vikrant’s power in the arena of power cannot be dismissed entirely. The potential fourth season is also expected to reveal Vayu’s next steps following his arrest.


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