Make Your Own Memes with The Bernie Sanders Filter on Instagram!

In 2021, Bernie Sanders has become an internet phenomenon, to the point where he now has an Instagram filter!

Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, was sworn in on January 20th. While Biden drew a lot of attention, Senator Bernie Sanders, who wore the relatively casual dress to the Inauguration, also drew a lot of attention.

Bernie had no idea he was about to go viral after the event as he sat in a fold-out chair wearing a parka-style jacket and enormous mitts.

instagram bernie filter

What Is the Bernie Sanders Meme Filter?

In January 2021, a meme of Bernie Sanders sitting at the Inauguration became popular. The politician has appeared in a variety of films and photographs, including sequences from the 1990 film Ghost, MMA battles, and scenes from Sex and the City.

Bernie’s meme has now been enhanced by the addition of a filter that allows him to be added to any Instagram story.

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The image of Bernie can be filtered into your existing environment. Simply set Bernie wherever you like by switching the camera to a simple surface and tapping. By zooming in or out on the AR filter, the picture of Bernie seated can be made larger or smaller.

instagram bernie filter

How to Find the Bernie Sanders Filter on Instagram

Many Instagram users, including ‘filtre experience’ and ‘cieraej,’ have used the Bernie Sanders photo filter. Another is by ‘nimania11,’ who has a lot of sitting Bernies descending from the top of the screen onto his chair.

When searching for the Bernie meme filter on Instagram, users could see a different impact.

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Unlike the previous “vote for Bernie” filter, which was produced during the politician’s presidential campaign in 2020, this one is only based on his meme.

Go to Add a new tale and fill in the blanks. Browse effects, type ‘Bernie Sanders’ or ‘Bernie meme’ into the search bar, then click ‘Try it to try out the filter.


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What About the Snapchat Filter by Bernie Sanders?

Bernie has nearly shattered the internet with a meme train on Twitter, an Instagram filter, and now a Snapchat filter.

The 79-year-old can be placed anywhere on social media using the filter. The possibilities are endless, whether you want to sit next to Bernie on the sofa, balance him on the edge of a glass of wine, or place him on a shelf.

Amélie Tremblay’s Snapchat filter ‘Little Bernie’ allows users to make their own Inauguration Day memes.