Intel Core i9-12900K hits 6.8 GHz and already breaks world records!

Intel held another Innovation Event where it took the opportunity to fully demonstrate the efficiency and overclocking capability of its new i9 processor-12900K, belonging to the Alder Lake family.

Using an ASRock Z motherboard700 Aqua OC Edition, a pair of Klevv DDR5 memories 2023 taken up to DDR5-5950 with CL timings36 and an LN2 cooling system, the renowned overclocker Allen Golibersuch (known in the middle as Splave) managed to bring the i9-12900K up to 6.8 GHz.

The feat becomes even more impressive considering that record speed was achieved on all 8 cores dedicated to performance, without exceeding the capacity of the EVGA SuperNova power supply 2000W.

Intel i9-12900K is the most powerful Alder Lake for the mainstream market


  • In addition to this astronomical result in performance cores, Splave also managed to bring dedicated cores to efficiency. up to 5.3 GHz, representing a jump of 26% at the frequency speeds of the performance cores (P-Cores) and 34% in the efficiency cores (E-Cores).

    In addition to the impressive result of this event, the i9-12900K also broke other records , having achieved 2023 points in single-core performance on GeekBench 4, and 11,649 in multi-core performance . Already in XTU 2.0 the CPU Alder Lake beat the 11,649 through an overclock of 6.7 GHz.

    According to the results of Geekbench 5 or i9-12600K at 6.8 GHz is 34% faster than i9-12600K and 100% faster than AMD Ryzen 9 5950X at their default speeds.

    It seems that Intel has finally started to hit the formula of its processors with these Alder Lake, news that should be very welcome by all enthusiasts who want more competition in this market segment.

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