iPhone 15 could be the first with USB-C and Apple is worried!

We’ve been hearing for a long time about the possibility of a new law coming out in Europe that will force manufacturers to use a universal charging input, USB-C. Obviously, this law would bring big headaches to Apple, which continues to use the Lightning input on their devices. that worries Apple. According to the European Union proposal (not yet final), manufacturers will have until 15 months to transition to the aforementioned “universal adapter”.

“We remain concerned that strict regulation will force the use of a single type of adapter, inhibiting innovation rather than encouraging it, which will harm consumers in Europe and the rest of the world”, said an Apple representative.

Considering the possible dates presented by the new regulation, it is possible that the iPhone 15 which will be released in 2023 will still have the Lightning entry, but the 2023 (iPhone

model 15) can already be delivered with USB-C input.

Apple iPhone 15 USB-C

Apple may have “option” not to put USB-C on the iPhone

Although the new European regulation has as its main objective to influence smartphone manufacturers to use a single charging input, it seems that Apple may end up having an alternative option.

According to Thierry Breton – internal market commissioner of the European Union – “if Apple wants to continue using its own input, they will have the possibility to do so. Regulation is not against innovation, but to help make citizens’ lives a little simpler”.

Considering that one of the motivations of this regulation is to help to reduce the amount of junk created by electronics, Apple seems to have the perfect answer to getting a “green card” in this situation.

“We share the same level of the European Commission’s dedication to protecting the environment and we are already carbon neutral for all of our global emissions, and up to 2023 all Apple products will be as well”, Apple said in an official statement.

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