Irina Abramovich Net Worth, Childhood, Personal Life And Other Less Known Facts

Irina Abramovich Net Worth

Irina Abramovich Net Worth

In addition to being a former stewardess, Irina Abramovich is also a multimillionaire Russian businesswoman. Irina Malandina, the future Irina Abramovich, was born in 1967. Ex-wife of Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, owner of Premier League club Chelsea FC and principal shareholder in Millhouse LLC, she is most recognized for her role as an investor and political figure in her own country.

Outside of Russia, he is best known as the owner of the English Premier League football team Chelsea. Irina’s ‘quickie’ divorce in Moscow has been kept secret by Russia’s secretive court system, although it is widely believed that she and her husband were given a large sum of money and multiple properties.

Roman Abramovich's first wife 'fears for £200m fortune and is scared to  leave London mansion' - MyLondon

Fyning Hill Estate in Petersfield was Abramovich’s primary residence in the United Kingdom, as well as two of the couple’s London residences in Eaton Square and Chester Square, according to reports. Roman Abramovich, the Russian oil tycoon who married Irina in 1991, was a struggling businessman at the time.

All of his riches came from the marriage. Irina Abramovich was awarded half of Abramovich’s fortune in their 2007 divorce settlement, which was a reported $300 million less than what they had agreed to prior to their marriage.

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When Irina was just a tiny babe, she was born in Moscow, in the year of 1967. As a child, she was known as Malandina. Ira was raised in an impoverished household. Food was the only thing that could be purchased with the few funds on hand. Neighbors and family members had to supply the girl’s clothing.

When Irina was just two years old, her father was killed in a terrible car accident. It was too late to save the man. The mother of Ira tried everything in her power to provide for both her and her daughter. Grandparents were frequently called upon to care for the baby.

Her mother’s perseverance was evident to the young girl. The upshot of this was her self-promised future as a well-to-do lady.

Ira did well academically at school. Her favorite topics at school were drawing, geography, and music. At school and in the community, her involvement was extensive. Mother and grandparents were delighted with the girl’s achievements. Before her marriage in 1991, Irina Malandrina was known as Irina Abramovich.

Roman Abramovich's ex-wife lifts lid on life after divorce with Chelsea  owner in first interview for a decade - World News - Mirror Online

Because of her confined and wealthy lifestyle, she is sometimes referred to in Russian media reports as “zolotaya kletka,” or “the gilded cage.” According to accounts, she is fluent in English. Because her parents were waiters in Russia, she was raised in a very humble household. When she was just two years old, her father was killed in a car accident.

Irina graduated with honors from Moscow State University with a degree in visual arts. With the help of her aunt, she was able to obtain a position as an airline hostess with Aeroflot’s international flight division. She met Roman Abramovich on one of the flights, and he gave her his business card. Five children were born as a result of their union.

The Roman family lives in London, despite the fact that they are Russian. Roman is the owner of the Chelsea football club. For decades, she was widely regarded as one of the most powerful blondes in the world.

Despite their wealth, the family avoided the limelight and maintained a quiet profile. In the case of an attack, they took separate cars so that their children would not be left orphaned. Kroll Inc. was hired to protect them, and the company employs former British intelligence officials.

A $1.26 billion divorce settlement was eventually agreed when the couple divorced in Russia. Aside from that, Roman Abramovich will cover all of the expenses associated with the couple’s five children.

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Irina was unable to attend college because of a lack of money and free time. She had to get a job if she wanted to lead a decent life. The young woman has a history of switching jobs frequently. Her aunt helped her find a good business. She continues to be inspired by Irina Abramovich. As a stewardess, she was an excellent choice because of the combination of her youth and attractiveness.

Roman Abramovich's ex worried about her $650M fortune: report


On the plane, I had a sad encounter with Roman Abramovich. In 1990, this happened. Passengers on a flight from Germany to Moscow at the time included a new businessman with no prior travel expertise. It didn’t take him long before he grabbed the attention of the long-legged waitress to her wonderful smile.

When the girl refused to give him her phone number, Roman confronted her. When he returned from his journey, he proceeded to care for the beauties. For Irina’s sake, Roman Arkadevich divorced his first wife, Olga Lysova.

In 1991, the band “Lovers” performed at a wedding. There were only a few people in attendance, so it felt personal. It’s logical, given that Roman was only beginning to lay the groundwork for a large corporation at the time.

The couple had been together for over 16 years before their divorce in 2007. They had three daughters and two sons were born to them during their marriage.

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