Iron Maiden: Net Worth, Career, and All Members Info

Iron Maiden Net Worth

Iron Maiden may not have had the same impact on the likes of The Beatles or Pink Floyd as they had on their fans. However, it is undeniably one of the most influential bands in rock & roll history. Let’s take a look at the Iron Maiden members’ net worth over the course of their careers, starting in 1980 and ending in 2021.

Founded in 1975 by Steve Harris, the London-based band Iron Maiden debuted on stage in the middle of the ’76 tour season. Before signing a recording contract with EMI in 1979, the now-legendary band made a demo in 1978. The original lineup of the band was Paul Di’Anno on vocals, Doug Sampson on drums, Dave Murray on guitar, and Harris on lead guitar. In addition to Steve Harris on bass, Adrian Smith on lead and rhythm guitars, back vocals, and studio keyboards, Bruce Dickinson on lead vocals and piano, Nicko McBrain on drums, and Janick Gers on rhythm guitar, the group’s current lineup also includes Steve Harris on keyboards and back vocals, Dave Murray on lead guitar, and Janick Gers on rhythm guitar.

As one of the few bands from the 1980s still actively recording and performing, let’s take a look at how much the band has made so far and what its members may expect to be worth in 2022.

Iron Maiden’s net worth?Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden’s wealth is not just based on the success of their albums.

Mobile gamers may take on the role of Eddie and journey across time and space to fight against monsters, aliens, and other bizarre creatures.

The band relies heavily on touring to generate revenue. During a nine-show European tour in the summer of 2018, Metal Injection reported that the band made more than $1 million at each visit and more than $15 million in total. When Iron Maiden performs in the US in the summer of 2019, the band’s value should rise.

Since the release of their first record, the band has earned a total of $125 million, according to data from The Wealth Record.

How Much Is The Net Worth of Iron Maiden’s Members?

Iron Maiden has won a slew of honors over the course of their long and illustrious career, including Grammys, Argentina Music Industry Awards, Classic Of Rock Awards, ARIA Awards, Burrn! Awards, Echo Awards, BBC Radio Awards, Ampex Golden Reel Awards, Ivor Novello Awards, and Bandit Rock Awards, to name just a few of the numerous honors bestowed upon them.

It’s worth noting that Iron Maiden is largely recognized as one of metal’s best bands. To date, the metal band has published over 200 million albums and singles, including 17 studio albums, 7 compilations, 20 video albums, 4 EPs, 13 live albums, 5 box sets, and 46 singles. Senjutsu, the band’s seventeenth studio album, was released on September 3, 2021, the band’s thirty-sixth anniversary.

Iron Maiden’s net worth is now estimated to be more than $150 million as of 2021. Let’s take a step further and learn more about the wealth of its members.

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Iron Maiden’s studio albums have been hugely popular:

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, according to some estimates. According to Billboard, the band’s 2015 album, The Book of Souls, sold more copies in its first week than any of the band’s prior releases. It’s not hard to imagine nine-figure albums.

The albums are a commercial triumph, but they are also artistically successful. Iron Maiden’s mascot Eddie appears on the cover of every studio album the band has ever released, thus you’ll never find the band on a list of the worst album artwork ever.

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Who Is The Richest Iron Maiden Member?Iron Maiden

  • Steve Harris – Net Worth: $35 Million

Heavy metal band Iron Maiden is led by bassist and primary composer Steve Harris from the United Kingdom.

Maiden, Nicko McBrain is a well-known English drummer. Since 1982, he’s been a member of the band.

  • Bruce Dickinson – Net Worth: $130 Million

Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, a British singer, became famous across the world as a member of the band.

  • Adrian Smith – Net Worth: $60 Million

The English musician Adrian Smith is the guitarist of the heavy metal band, Iron Maiden, since 1980, apart from his departure from 1990 to 1999.

Dave Murray has been a member of Iron Maiden since 1976 when he started playing guitar. Even though he left the band in 1977, he rejoined the band in 1978.

  • Janick Gers – Net Worth: $10 Million

Janick Gers is one of the three guitarists of the heavy metal band Iron Maiden, with whom he achieved worldwide fame.

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