A ‘Insensitive’ Post by 6ix9ine About Pnb Rock’s Death Angers Fans

Big claims surfaced on October 2, 2020, claiming that the American rapper 6ix9ine, real name Daniel Hernandez, had passed away after being admitted to the hospital for an overdose. Tekashi, 69, allegedly overdosed on coffee and a diet pill and needed to be taken immediately to the hospital, according to news reports.

The rapper’s 14-year-old boyfriend, Julio Gomez, found him after trying unsuccessfully to rouse him up and called 911, according to the Huzlers. He had died there, according to the findings of a medical examiner.

It wasn’t known at the time, though, if the death reports were accurate. Few individuals, however, were aware of the severity of the situation when news of 6ix9ine’s overdose spread online. DJ Akademiks took to Instagram to reassure his followers that 6ix9ine was doing fine after learning about his overdose on The Shade Room.

He has accepted the fact that a trainer, not some medications from CVS, is what he really needs. Nevertheless, I was able to speak with him today. He sprinted around the track in a cheerful frame of mind. He’ll be back soon, said Akademiks.

Rapper Tejasvi’s Fans Were Shaken by the News of His Death

is 6ix9ine dead

The setting made this news shocking to many people. Due to the poor sales of his most recent album, TattleTales, 6ix9ine has mostly vanished from the public’s view since its release. The news of his overdose is shocking because we might not have heard from him over those weeks.

Hydroxycut won’t be used by musicians in the future. In a 2019 interview, the former tour DJ Blue Diamond claimed that 6ix9ine was very worried about his weight and adhered to a strict diet and training regimen.

Before that, “he had put on a lot of weight” as a result of his binge eating. I am unable to be certain. We’re talking about a kid here, so let’s suppose he’s only…

The DJ said, “He’s a youngster.”

He finds himself unexpectedly in possession of a significant sum of money, which he will probably use up on food and beverages. I don’t know who told him he was famous, but I’m assuming he’s currently on tour.

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Tekashi 69’s Attempt at Suicide

is 6ix9ine dead

According to reports, he is being affected by the online shaming, as the Shadow League tweeted. You do not want to witness a 24-year-old man’s overdose, regardless of how you feel for him. He had to stay in the hospital for a while before being allowed to return home to recover.

The DJ said that in order to lose weight, “he would eat salads all day and drink water and a lot of lime.” Utilize a lot of limes… He didn’t eat a lot. Breakfast salad and fruit while exercising? His diet is balanced.

Overdose Accidentally Sends Tekashi to the Hospital

is 6ix9ine dead

According to reports, the rapper with full tattoos was taken to a hospital in Florida after he ‘excessively sweat’ at home after consuming too much caffeine. The “Trollz” rapper’s absence has been noticed because he frequently posted updates on his upcoming album on Instagram. Tekashi, 69, has spoken for the first time since being recently admitted to the hospital.

Additionally, Sara Molina, his ex-girlfriend, has decided he won’t be able to see his child. Tekashi 6ix9ine’s baby mother forbade him from spending Christmas with his child. He again missed Christmas with his daughter in 2021.

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Is 69 Dead?


Many people are interested in learning if 69 is still alive. Unfortunately, as US Day News reported, the death reports turned out to be untrue.

Shortly after the rapper passed away, Shade Room clarified the situation by claiming that the rapper had just spent two days in the hospital and was “doing okay” at home.

6ix9ine claimed he was taking three Hydroxycut tablets each day to lose the excess weight he had gained since getting out of prison. He claimed that consuming too much caffeine and taking diet pills simultaneously caused him to become overheated while using a computer.

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Bro. Tekashi 69

There is someone older than him in his family. He lived with them until he was 13 years old when his father was shot and killed in front of the family; his mother was from Atlixco, Puebla, Mexico, and his father was from Puerto Rico. Hernandez has been ostracized ever since his father was assassinated.

After that, he was expelled from school in eighth grade for misbehavior. He began taking odd jobs like busboy soon after dropping out of school in order to support his mother. He sold drugs, mainly marijuana and heroin, to augment his salary.