Is Alyssa Diaz From ‘The Rookie’ Pregnant? All You Need To Know!

There have been speculations about Alyssa Diaz’s baby bump in the show ‘The Rookie’. Fans are saying that her baby bump was not a prop but a real baby bump, which indicates that the actress is pregnant in real life too! Read more to find out more about Alyssa Diaz’s pregnancy!

Who Is Alyssa Diaz?

Alyssa Elaine Diaz, who goes by the name Alyssa Diaz, is a famous actress hailing from the United States of America. She was born on 7th September 1985. Diaz has been a part of many TV shows and movies. She played the role of Celia Ortega in the soap opera ‘As The World Turns’ which aired on CBS channel.


Apart from this, she has also played pivotal roles in series like ‘The Nine Lives Of Chloe King’, ‘Lifetime’s Army Wives’ and ‘Zoo’. She was recently seen portraying the character Detective Angela Lopez on the series ‘The Rookie’ which airs on ABC television channel. 

News About The Pregnancy- How is it related to the show?

‘The Rookie’ airs on ABC television channel where Alyssa plays the role of Detective Angela Lopez. It was seen on episode 12 of season 5 which was named ‘Death Notice’, that Angela was not feeling well. She discovers that she is pregnant and not ill. Angela is not overjoyed by this news, because she had been on birth control pills, so she struggled a bit to process this information. 


On the other hand, fans’ happiness knew no bounds when they got to know about this development of the show. People started reacting on twitter and expressing their happiness and excitement.  

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So, Is She Pregnant In Real Life?

When the actress was pregnant with her first child in 2020 whom she shares with Gustavo Galindo, the writers of the show made her pregnancy a part of the show.

is alyssa diaz pregnant

Her character, Angela Lopez, got pregnant on the show and the baby bump made its first appearance. But, to many, it seems like the news of Angela’s pregnancy now might not be similar to that of Alyssa’s.

Detective Angela Lopez is pregnant for the second time on the show. Even though the first pregnancy was a real one with Alyssa herself being pregnant, viewers doubt of Alyssa and Angela’s pregnancy coinciding this time. People think that Angela’s pregnancy us purely a part of the plot and has nothing to do with Alyssa.

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Alyssa is NOT pregnant right now, but her character on the show IS. Unlike 2020, Angela Lopez’s pregnancy is purely scripted and the baby bump which will be seen on the show will also not be real. Stay tuned for more updates about Alyssa and the show ‘The Rookie’!