Is Bebe Rexha Pregnant: Rumors of Pregnancy Sparked by Recent Weight Gain!!

The public has always been fascinated by celebrity news and rumors, particularly when they include well-known performers. Bebe Rexha, a well-known singer-songwriter, has recently generated a lot of rumors about whether or not she is expecting a kid.

One of the most well-known singers, Bebe Rexha has worked with artists as successful as Snoop Dog, David Guetta, and Martin Garrix. Therefore, it is understandable if she enters the public eye for just a little change in her life.  

This time, the media hysteria over Rexha’s supposed pregnancy continues to increase as supporters impatiently await confirmation or denial. 

Bebe Rexha’s Candid Response: Addressing Pregnancy Reports and Embracing Body Positivity

is bebe rexha pregnant

In response to a fan’s claim that she is, Bebe Rexha said she is not pregnant. Social media rumors about Bebe’s pregnancy spread swiftly, but she decided to clarify them before things got out of hand. 

She was spotted entering the BBC Radio 2 studios on Thursday while sporting a low-cut top and high-waisted leggings. Social media users started speculating about Bebe’s upcoming pregnancy right away. 

Even though Bebe didn’t appear to have a bulge, Twitter users immediately began to work on her, with one writing: “Omg. Bebe is preggy.”

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When fans were perplexed by the 28-year-old’s appearance in a big costume. In the few weeks since she stated that stylists would not outfit her due to her enormous figure, the famous singer has been forced to talk about her body type once more. 

Fortunately, Bebe saw the irony of the circumstance and clarified before her fans became too engrossed, the American musician decided to correct the internet trolls. Bebe mentioned in a Twitter:

“No, I’m chubby.”

Bebe Rexha: Everything to Know About This Amazing Singer!!

is bebe rexha pregnant

Born on August 30, 1989, Bleta “Bebe” Rexha is an American singer and songwriter. She started playing music when she was quite young. She began acting in musicals at the age of four and began honing her craft in her early teens. 

At the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences’ annual Grammy Day event, where she won the title of Best Teen Songwriter, she met several well-known producers and furthered her career. 

Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy asked Rexha in 2010 to create the Black Cards project, which was meant to represent Wentz’s more experimental and electronic side. 

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Before leaving the band in 2012 to pursue a solo career, Rexha contributed vocals to a number of EPs. She started posting acoustic renditions and demos to YouTube before deciding to work with Warner Bros. in 2013.

She is most known for having successful singles with rappers Nicki Minaj, David Guetta, Lil Wayne, Cash Cash, and Martin Garrix, as well as country group Florida Georgia Line, with whom she co-wrote the 2017 number-one country-pop crossover track “Meant to Be.” 

Although she has collaborated with performers from several genres, her own music, as heard on her 2018 debut Expectations and its 2021 follow-up Better Mistakes, focuses on darker pop textures influenced by hip-hop and R&B. She switched to upbeat dance music for Bebe in 2023, which includes the worldwide hit “I’m Good (Blue)” with David Guetta.

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Bebe Rexha’s Love: All You Need to Know About Her Boyfriend!!

is bebe rexha pregnant

Most information about Bebe Rexha’s private life was kept from the public. She hasn’t been able to conceal her affection for her current lover, Keyan Safyari, though! The two have been together since 2020 and have been doing very well. 

Just before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the entire world to a standstill, Bebe and Keyan started dating. She stated to Entertainment Tonight in October 2020 that he helped her feel less “lonely” while in quarantine.

She added that Keyan was “special” and that the most significant individuals in her life likewise treated him favorably. Bebe Rexha complimenting Keyan:

“I have a very wonderful man in my life right now. He’s understanding of my career and what I do. My family loves him. He’s just, honestly, an amazing person and he makes me happy. It just feels right.”