Is Camille Really Pregnant with Gabriel’s Baby?

The third season of Netflix’s love series ‘Emily in Paris chronicles Gabriel and Camille’s relationship, which they rekindle in the second season finale. Gabriel, unaware that Camille has returned to his life after violating a deal she and Emily Cooper made, begins to consider the next chapter of his life with his beloved.

after refurbishing his restaurant with the assistance of Antoine lambert and Alfie, he believes it is time for him to marry Camille. in the third season finale, Gabriel reveals the reason for his desire to marry Camille to Emily, raising the question of whether Camilla is pregnant. so, here’s all you need to know about it! spoilers follow.

Is Camille Expecting a Child?

is camille really pregnant

Camille is indeed pregnant. Camille and Gabriel reconcile in the second season finale after Emily’s arrival strained their relationship. Camille, on the other hand, develops estranged from the chef when she becomes romantically involved with Sofia, an artist whose installation is presented in the art gallery where Camille works.

Camille and Sofia travel to Greece under the guise of assisting the artist, creating a deep friendship.

Camille entirely ignores Gabriel, prompting the chef to seek solace in Emily. Gabriel’s words and deeds indicate to Emily that the former’s relationship with Camille is merely symbolic.

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is camille really pregnant

However, the same Gabriel astounds Emily by unexpectedly disclosing his wish to marry Camille. Camille discovers she is pregnant while in Greece and rushes back to Paris to tell Gabriel, who has been wishing to have children and finally settle in life. He’s always wanted to be a Michelin-starred chef, own a bigger and better restaurant, and have children.

As a result, when Camille returns to his life from Sofia to disclose that she is pregnant, he aspires to do the same. The chef must have assumed Camille’s pregnancy would bind them together as a family, leading him to consider marrying her and forgetting how she treated him when she was abroad in Greece.

Camille, meanwhile, must have believed she couldn’t marry Sofia while pregnant with someone else’s child. She may not want to be in a relationship with the artist if there is a baby who is not linked to the latter. As a result, after nearly cutting him off from her life, she accepts to marry Gabriel.

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Who Is Camille’s Baby’s Father?

is camille really pregnant

Camille hasn’t been seeing anyone other than Gabriel and Sofia, hence Gabriel is the father of the former’s child. Camille decides against reuniting with Sofia and proposes to Gabriel because the chef has become an unavoidable presence in her life as a result of their child.

She even ends herself at the altar to marry her baby’s father, but she chooses against it when she realizes she doesn’t love him and he doesn’t love her totally. As a result, Camille may return to Sofia to reunite with her, and the two of them may become the mothers of her unborn child.

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is camille really pregnant

Gabriel forgives Camille and ignores his feelings for Emily after realizing he is going to be a father. He imagines a future with Camille and their child, albeit half-heartedly. Camille’s pregnancy may have a negative impact on Gabriel’s future now that she has broken up with him. Gabriel and Emily confess their emotions for one another in the third season finale.

However, Emily may be unable to reconcile with Gabriel without taking into account the unavoidable presence of the latter and Camille’s baby. Emily understands that marrying Gabriel is a life-changing decision because she will become a stepmother in the near future if the same thing happens.

We may anticipate witnessing how Camille’s pregnancy influences Emily’s decision on a future with Gabriel in the show’s upcoming fourth season. If she is unwilling to accept Camille and her baby’s importance in Gabriel’s life, her feelings for the chef may haunt her until she is able to bury them in a corner of her heart.