90 Days Fiancé Couple: Is Chantel and Pedro Still Together?

The fourth season of TLC’s The Family Chantel is currently in progress, and discussions about Chantel Everett and Pedro Jimeno’s divorce are trending on social media.

It’s no secret that the couple has faced obstacles together, but the majority of their supporters thought they could stay together. But it seems that another union has failed as a result of the former 90-Day Fiancée couple.

Of course, when a marriage ends, rumors about the split start to circulate. And even though Season 4 is showing Chantel’s suspicions that Pedro is unfaithful, nothing has been proven. Fans are speculating whether Pedro has resumed dating now that their marriage is over. After all, rumors of a potential fling are circulating. This is what we do know.

Why Did Chantel and Pedro’s Marriage Fail?

is chantel and pedro still together

Chantel Everett and Pedro filed for divorce on May 27 after six years of marriage, according to In Touch.

In the fourth season of the spinoff, their marriage came to a head because Pedro would frequently refer to his wife as “lazy” and felt she wasn’t being as supportive as he had been in the past. Chantel believed her partner was spending a lot of time at work, which made her feel unappreciated.

Pedro moved out into his own apartment one day after asking Chantel for a divorce following a trial separation. In the season finale, Pedro filed for divorce after a dramatic argument over Chantel’s alleged theft of $256,000 from their joint bank account following Pedro’s departure.

When contacted by In Touch regarding his allegations that Chantel stole the money, which was mentioned in a prior motion, the attorney for Chantel had “no comment.”

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Chantel Everett: Did Pedro Jimeno Cheat on Her?

is chantel and pedro still together

Chantel had her doubts about Pedro’s close friendship with Antonella Barrenechea, a colleague in his real estate office, throughout season 4.

“One evening, I took the day off work to clean the house and start cooking. In a July 2022 episode, Chantel said, “I called you at 8:30 and asked you where you were. You were at the mall with Antonella. You pick her up to take her to work, you pick her up from the mechanic—basically, you’re her do-boy and you cater to her every whim.

Chantel believed Pedro had been unfaithful throughout their marriage, despite Pedro’s denial that he had cheated on her with Antonella. Chantel is from Atlanta, Georgia. Chantel filed her own counterclaims six weeks after Pedro’s initial filing, citing “adultery by the petitioner” and “cruel treatment” as the grounds for their divorce.

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Is There a New Girlfriend for Pedro Jimeno?


Although Nicole Jimeno, Pedro’s sister, is eager for her brother to find a new love, Pedro may not have one.

“I’m eager to meet my next in-law sister. After learning of Pedro’s divorce, she told the producers, “I’m ready for Pedro to have another girlfriend.

I am eager to get to know that new family. And I believe that family will be superior to Chantel’s.

There Are Rumors that Pedro Jimeo Slept with Antonella Barrenechea.

is chantel and pedro still together

The level of drama has never been higher.

The only thing worse than being charged with infidelity is having cheated on your spouse with a coworker. Unfortunately, Pedro’s new normal is this.

The Family Chantel Season 4 viewers are convinced that Pedro had an affair with Antonella Barrenchea, a coworker. Together with Antonella, Pedro is a real estate agent at Laura Delgado Realty. Additionally, Pedro has stated publicly on the show that he prefers to spend time with Antonella over Chantel.

Naturally, Chantel and Pedro have a falling out because Antonella and Pedro have grown quite close.

Chantel does not particularly like Pedro’s frequent jokes with Antonella or their close friendship. Because of this, fans think Pedro and Antonella are dating.

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is chantel and pedro still together

Pedro and Antonella haven’t commented on the rumors of their relationship, though. Fans who have claimed Antonella and Pedro are extremely flirtatious with one another will be surprised to learn that Antonella is already committed.

Antonella has been in a committed relationship with a man named Daniel Hanna since October 2018, according to her Instagram bio. Antonella only has eyes for one man, despite Pedro and Antonella’s innocent flirting. Pedro, on the other hand, seems to be content with his single status.