Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant: Journey from War Zones to Motherhood!

Clarissa Ward, The multi-award-winning CNN top international reporter is based in London. She announces. In addition to Ukraine and Georgia, she has spent more than 20 years reporting from the front lines all around the world, including Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Georgia in 2008.

She describes her unique career as a war reporter in her memoir, “On All Fronts: The Education of a Journalist,” and how she has seen the world’s violent transformation firsthand. In 2019, she won the Gracie Award for Reporter or Correspondent of the Year. She also serves as the anchor of CNN Audio’s limited-run program Tug of War.

Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant? Clarissa Ward, a British-American television journalist born on January 31, 1980, is now CNN’s top foreign reporter. She worked for CBS News in London. Ward worked as a Moscow-based ABC News news correspondent before joining CBS News. Inquiries on Clarissa Ward’s pregnancy were made periodically. Read the article to find out more about Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant.

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Is Clarissa Ward Pregnant?

is clarissa ward pregnant

This spring, the chief international correspondent for CNN and Philipp von Bernstorff are expecting their third child.

Although not Clarissa Ward’s first pregnancy, the CNN top foreign correspondent is having a unique experience of it because she was reporting from the front lines of the war in Ukraine.

Ward and her husband Philipp von Bernstorff are expecting their third child, a son, in the spring. The couple already has two boys, Caspar, age two, and Ezra, age four.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE about her joyful news, Ward says that her pregnancy path has been “very tough” since she has been reporting from Ukraine for more than 12 weeks since the conflict started in February 2022.

Being 20 weeks pregnant and back in Ukraine is undoubtedly a different experience, according to Ward, who is presently in Kharkiv filming a CNN special for the Ukraine War Anniversary.

She adds,

The team has gone to great pains to find all the perinatal facilities along our itineraries and I am not going to any frontline places. The lengthy trips and bitter cold may still be extremely difficult, and you have to be careful to take care of yourself, but I have to keep in mind that hundreds of Ukrainian ladies go through this every day.

The journalist is currently in her second trimester, which Ward claims to be “kind of the sweet spot in pregnancy,” and she is feeling fine as she anticipates the birth of her child.

She claims, “I don’t feel queasy, I have a lot of energy, and it’s no longer all hush-hush.” Yet, I am not as large or as irritable as I usually am in the third trimester.

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Ward says her entire family is “beyond delighted” for the impending arrival as she gets ready to expand her brood with yet another baby boy. She said,

“We are thrilled and a little terrified that we are having a third son. My guys have SO much energy, and I shall be much outnumbered! . But we are quite happy.

I have always enjoyed the concept of having a huge family, and I believe that’s partial because I’m an only child, says Ward. And boys adore their mothers without fail.