Unveiling the Relationship Status of Derek and Monique: Are They Still Together?

Some Love After Lockup couples appear to function better while one of the partners is still jailed. Because, given Derek’s newfound freedom, Monique may never trust him again.

Monique is so concerned that she installs security cameras in an exclusive clip obtained by Distractify ahead of the February 10 episode of Love After Lockup.

It appears to be a lot for a girlfriend to accomplish, particularly if she adores her guy. But they’ve been having trust issues since Derek was freed from prison after serving a nine-year sentence. He and Monique dated for over two years, but this is their first time being together in person.

Now, before Monique leaves for Chicago to collect her belongings and move in with Derek in Cleveland, she wants to install some hidden cameras to ensure that he behaves himself while she is gone. On the surface, it’s hardly the ideal start to what they both hoped would be a long life together.

Is Monique still with Derek?

is derek and monique still together

Yes, she and Derek are happy in their marriage. The start of a new season has reignited interest in Monique.

Derek fell in love with Monique when they first met and wanted to become serious. They are still together after two years The Love After Lockup actor responded to a dubious post by vlogger Funky Dineva, who questioned whether Derek’s affections for Monique were genuine or staged. Groovy Dineva pointed out that she has no reason to believe he likes her. Monique instantly responded to the criticism with a message that she later uploaded to her Facebook page.

Monique and Derek are still together and happy, as far as anyone can tell. Monique recorded an Instagram Live session with Derek a few days after calling out the body shamers. “One of us complements the other. “We bring out the best in one other while we’re together,” Derek explained. Everyone who questioned Derek and Monique’s love was proven wrong by their live performance.

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On ‘Love After Lockup,’ Monique Puts up Cameras to Spy on Derek.

is derek and monique still together

Monique and Derek pay a visit to his grandmother’s house in the exclusive clip. Monique searches for locations to conceal security cameras in Derek’s bedroom, where he will be sleeping alone while she is away in Chicago.
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The aim is for her to get her possessions and return to Cleveland so that they can live together indefinitely. Yet she isn’t confident in her boyfriend’s ability to behave himself while she is abroad.
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“I’d like to see if I can locate suitable places to put the cameras so I can keep an eye on him when I’m at home in Chicago,” Monique tells producers.

The video then goes to Derek telling one of his family members that Monique has been “strong” throughout their relationship while he was still incarcerated.

He has no idea that their connection may not be as stable as he believes.

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On ‘Love After Lockup,’ Why Doesn’t Monique Trust Derek?

is derek and monique still together

A weird automobile trailed them down the road shortly after Derek was freed from prison. Derek claimed he didn’t know the driver, but he believes it was an ex, and Monique stated the same thing on Love After Lockup.

And now that he’s out of prison, Derek plans to contact his ex at some time. It’s difficult to imagine he’d be bold enough to bring someone back to his grandmother’s house, but Monique fears he will.

Regrettably, none of this bodes well for their future together. They are, however, scheduled to appear in the 2023 season of Life After Lockup. Thus, adultery and trust difficulties aside, it’s safe to conclude that Monique and Derek are here to stay.