Is EXO Baekhyun in A Relationship in 2022? Uncovering the Truth!

There are supposedly no dating rules for EXO members, including Baekhyun. According to the company’s claims, SM Entertainment does not have a formal policy against its artist’s dating.

According to recent research by Koreaboo, this particular agency has the laxest regulations in this area.

The article also quoted a former intern’s claims that the label doesn’t mind its artists dating so much as it worries about them getting caught.

Now that they have this information, Love Shot fans can find out if their favorite artists are dating or in a relationship.

Is Exo Baekhyun Dating in 2022?

Is EXO Baekhyun in A Relationship in 2022? Uncovering the Truth!

The single status of Exo Baekhyun continues. If you believe KpopStarz, he is currently single and not seeing anyone.

The publication also pointed out that it is unknown whether the idol’s single status is a result of his own preference or whether there are other factors at play.
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Still, as far as anyone can tell, he is not dating anyone at the moment.

So far in his life, the EXO member has only dated one person seriously. There were rumors that he was dating Taeyeon of Girls Generation in 2014 and 2015, and a few months later, SM Entertainment confirmed the relationship.
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However, the 2015 announcement of the couple’s split startled fans and followers of the two K-pop idols. However, it appears that they have remained on friendly terms since then.

About the Idol’s Ideal Type

Is EXO Baekhyun in A Relationship in 2022? Uncovering the Truth!

Baekhyun’s perfect type was once uncovered in different research from Koreaboo. His 2013 interview with Shindong’s Shim Shim Ta Pa on MBC is where he first discussed the issue publicly.

The K-pop star was reported as saying that he is attracted to girls that are “petite both in terms of height and size.” It is said that he prefers a partner with “beautiful skin” and “round features.”

An EXO member was quoted as saying, “I’m not the bouncy type,” which suggests that he has strong opinions about his own personality. Reportedly, he has a thing for those who are “not that pleasant” and “know how to play hard-to-get when necessary.