Is Ferne McCann Dating? First Time Mum star and her lover Lorri Haines, And More Info

Ferne Mccann's dating

After a seven-year hiatus, First Time Mum star Ferne McCann will return to our screens for a new season.

Reality TV personality McCann’s daughter Sunday is the subject of an observational documentary that has aired on ITV since 2017.

What does First Time Mom cover?

It all started with a one-off ITV Be special in 2017 that followed Ferne McCann, then 31, as she prepared for the birth of her first child and then navigated her way through the early days and weeks of parenthood.

Fans loved the show, and it was picked up by ITV and became a regular series.

This was the case for the second, third and fourth series as well as five and six. The seventh series contained eight episodes.

Rylan Clark serves as the show’s narrator, and the cameras follow McCann as she juggles being a single mother and working in the public spotlight.

Sunday On November 2, 2017, Skye McCann was born. She is now four years old.

To Begin with, Sunday’s life has been chronicled by her mother since she was a baby, including events like her first birthday and her last day at nursery.

McCann’s 30th birthday, as well as major milestones and job changes, were all depicted on the show.

In the ‘white powder’ controversy, Ferne McCann boyfriend:

Is Ferne Mccann Dating

After a video of Lorri Haines sniffing white powder surfaced, Ferne McCann and her new lover Lorri Haines’ fairytale romance may be on the verge of crumbling.

“No, No Ket. No Ket,” a pal can be heard shouting in the background of the video published by The Sun. “Put down the ket.”

Ketamine, sometimes known as “Ket,” is a Schedule I substance in the United Kingdom and Dubai.
After Ferne’s real estate agent boyfriend posted a mysterious Instagram message, Ferne’s supporters went into a frenzy.

Lorri posted a picture of him and Ferne cuddling up to each other on social media, and while it was adorable, the love heart emoji he chose to cover over the former TOWIE star’s hand had tongues spinning.

Were we right in our interpretation? Are Ferne and Lorri getting married? People, keep an eye on this page…

Is Ferne Mccann’s Boyfriend Lorri Haines Still Her Boyfriend?Is Ferne Mccann Dating

Lorri Haines, Ferne Mccann’s entrepreneur boyfriend, still has feelings for her.

For the first time, Lorri has shared an Instagram snapshot of the two of them. Their expressions are beaming as they ride their motorcycles, probably on their way to a destination.

Aside from his employment as a full-time entrepreneur and investment banker, Haines is also a part-time jeweler.

As far as we know, there has been no split or anything, and neither of them has indicated that they are taking a break.

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Ferne McCann’s Past Relationships & Current Relationship Status:

Is Ferne Mccann Dating

In Ferne Mccann‘s love life, there is a long list of numbers. ‘

Before dating Lorri, she had a five-year relationship with TOWIE star Sims. Because of their on-again, off-again romance, they decided to take a break and go their ways. The Sims put Lorri’s devotion to him to the test by presenting her with a choice between the program and her love for him. And, much to her surprise, she went for the latter instead of her first choice.

As a consequence, Ferne’s ex-boyfriend left the program and Ferne McCann’s personal life.

George Shelley and Arthur Collins were spotted together a few months after she met George Shelley in 2016. Since Arthur Collins was imprisoned in 2017 for his participation in an acid attack, the father of her daughter is indeed Arthur Collins.

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In the wake of earning £5.5 million, Ferne McCann discusses her desire to expand her family with her fans!

Is Ferne Mccann Dating

To give her daughter Sunday a sister, Ferne McCann says she would give anything to have a child of her own.

Arthur Collins, the ex-boyfriend of the 31-year-old former TOWIE star, has a three-year-old kid along with her.

Even though Ferne’s prior engagements ended after just a few months due to her unfortunate love luck, she remains optimistic that she would meet a guy who can help her grow her family by becoming part of it.
“Definitely,” the mother-of-one answered when asked by The Sun if she plans to have additional children in the future. My best friend and the first day of school are Sunday. “She is my blessing, and I would do anything for her to have siblings.”

After that, Ferne went on to say that any future suitors she dates must be committed to starting a family.

He’ll be a family-building partner for her: “I used to desire someone for me, but whatever the lucky man is, will be to establish a family with me,” she added. Going out on dates is a thing of the past.

As a result of her success on ITV’s First Time Mum, endorsement deals with businesses, and the creation of a workout app called Embodyment, Ferne is now worth an estimated £5.5 million.


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