Are Harry and Beaux Still Together from Too Hot to Handle Season 3?

During this season of Too Hot to Handle, there were plenty of other couples heating things up in the villas, but one duo, in particular, won our hearts with their softer moments. Harry and Beaux took a bit to discover they were meant for each other, but they’re the only ones from season 3 who made things official by becoming boyfriend and girlfriend at the show’s end.

So, after leaving paradise, are Harry and Beaux still together? Here’s what we know so far.

Is Too Hot To Handle’s Harry and Beaux still together?

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is harry and beaux still together

Harry and Beaux are no longer together, having split up after returning home from the retreat and resuming their normal lives.

They declared their split in an Instagram video uploaded by Too Hot to Handle a week after the concert finished.

Harry elaborated: “Our relationship status is now single, but we communicate daily. Who knows what might occur? We haven’t seen each other yet, obviously… We struggled a lot with the distance, and when we returned to the UK, we were completely shut down.

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“Never say never,” he continued, and Beaux agreed. After building a romantic relationship just a few episodes into season 3, Harry and Beaux undoubtedly grew from strength to strength during their time in the retreat.

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is harry and beaux still together

Those who made it to the end will be aware that Harry and Beaux went on to win the series, taking home the remaining $90,000 cash prize as the only couple in the final.

The pair are still in daily communication despite their split, with Beaux telling us: “I mean, it was funny because when he first walked in I didn’t really fancy him so it was crazy that every day you’re building up that connection and from then we just went closer and closer.

“We’re still in touch a lot; he’s incredible; he’s practically the male equivalent of me.” Meanwhile, Harry admitted that he and Beaux formed a deeper connection during their time at the retreat, telling us:

“Obviously you’ve always got in the back of your mind people coming in what may happen, so we kinda got close but obviously we were a bit anxious so, but I think that proved whether we would stick it out or not. “Obviously, if you can go through stuff, it brings you closer together, so I believe that was a major milestone for us.

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What became of Harry and Beaux once the season was over?

is harry and beaux still together

We’re obviously hoping they’re still together, but they provided fans with an unexpected update after the episode aired. “Our relationship status is now single, but we chat every day,” Harry revealed during the Too Hot to Handle reunion.

But don’t write them off just yet. They appear to be optimistic about their future. “Who knows what might occur? We haven’t seen each other yet, and I think we battled a lot because of the distance, and when we returned to the UK, we were in full lockdown,” he added. “Never, ever say never.”

According to their most recent Instagram photos, they appear to be reuniting. This hopefully indicates that we’ll hear positive news from them shortly!