Is Heather Altman Pregnant Again? Josh and The ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Have Two Children

Million Dollar Listing’s realtors have no qualms with dating their real estate competition. Several cast members, including Josh Flagg and his current lover, Andrew Beyer, have fallen for other agents since the show’s inception.

Josh and Andrew began dating following Josh’s divorce from his co-star, Bobby Boyd.

There are also MDLLA power couples, such as Josh and Heather Altman. The couple married in 2016 and have since realized their ambitions as a couple. They also embarked on a new adventure together when they became parents to their two children, Alexis “Lexi” and Ace.

Heather and Josh definitely have their hands full with their successful businesses, reality show, and two young children at home. Some fans, however, are curious as to whether the Altman Brothers dynasty will continue.

Is Heather Altman Pregnant? Million Dollar Listing Fans Are Curious

is heather altman pregnant

Heather and Josh returned to Million Dollar Listing for Season 14 in December 2022. Heather began the season adapting to her new role as CEO of Altman Brothers. Fans will also witness more of Josh and Heather’s children, but no more pregnancies.

Heather is not pregnant with her and Josh’s third child as of this writing. And, to be honest, we’re not sure where the baby No. 3 rumors came from. Heather and Josh had their son Ace in 2019, and the realtor frequently shared photos of both pregnancies on social media. If Heather were pregnant again, she would almost certainly inform her followers.

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is heather altman pregnant

The Bravo star’s social media sites likewise show no evidence of a new pregnancy. Heather’s Instagram has been consistent, with posts from her, Josh, Lexi, and Ace.

She shared various photos and videos of them ringing in the new year in January 2023.

The pair is also enjoying Ace and Lexie’s developmental milestones, which is why a new baby seems unlikely. Heather and Josh announced that their children were starting school in August 2022. While talking about their wedding, Josh saw how mature the kids were growing.

“Last week was Lexi and Ace’s first day of school,” Josh captioned images of the kids.

“I had a great time with @theheatheraltman. I recall how I felt on my first day back at school. It’s amazing how quickly time passes.”

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What Brought Josh Altman and Heather Altman Together?

is heather altman pregnant

While Heather and Josh aren’t expecting another child, they say their marriage is stronger than ever. The show’s “Mom and Dad” gave The Daily Dish insight into how their relationship works before MDLLA returned to Bravo for Season 14.

Heather stated that the duo met and went on their first date on camera, which affected them early on. She described it as “difficult to turn off” the work they were doing together. Fortunately, Josh and Heather’s communication skills have improved since they married.

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“We’re having a better time managing our relationship and simply letting one other do what we do.” “Heather elaborated. “That is what makes us a successful partnership both professionally and personally… We have found our stride.”

And, if the couple ever has a disagreement, they have sworn not to let it ruin their home or personal lives (depending on the argument).

“If it’s a home fight, we try to leave it at home,” Heather explained.

“We get to work, and if there’s a work fight, [we] try not to bring it home to the dinner table with the kids…” Heather explained. “Josh knows who’s in charge, which has made our lives a lot easier.”