Kate Hudson Makes Unusual Remark About Her Marriage to Ex Chris Robinson

In a rare interview, Kate Hudson discusses her previous marriage. When the subject of her relationship with ex-husband Chris Robinson came up, the 43-year-old Glass Onion actor spoke with longtime buddies Erin and Sara Foster on their You’re Doing Fine… Just Keep Going podcast.

She claimed that after meeting Robinson at the age of 20, she returned home from a trip and stated, “I’m marrying this guy.”

Hudson explained that, while her decision may have surprised onlookers, it makes perfect sense given her personality.

“I just like to throw myself into everything,” she explained.

“People assumed it was rash, but it was more like I was like, ‘You know what? I’m just going to get right in. I’m not going to second-guess myself.

I’m madly in love with him. I’m not going to say, ‘Oh, we should wait.’ I’m madly in love with him and want to marry him, so I didn’t hesitate.

And I’m still like that, albeit with a little more experience under my belt.”

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is kate hudson married

She praised Robinson for teaching her “what it felt like to be unconditionally loved,” stating that even if their relationship became “complex,” it was “the most crucial moment” in her life.

They “worshipped each other” and “were so in love,” she said.

The former couple married on New Year’s Eve in 2000, when Hudson was 21, and they have a 19-year-old son named Ryder Robinson. They eventually divorced in 2007. Hudson also has an 11-year-old son with ex Matt Bellamy, Bingham Bellamy, and a 4-year-old daughter, Rani Rose Fujikawa, with her current fiancé, Danny Fujikawa.

She also revealed that she initially met Fujikawa when pregnant with Ryder. He was a junior in high school at the time, and he hung around with their friend group.


Of course, things didn’t turn romantic until Fujikawa invited her on a trek many years later. She didn’t think her future love had romantic aspirations at first until she noticed he was “nervous.”

“There was something about Danny that was so genuine that I could tell he really wanted me to see him,” she explained. “So he was nervous, and I told him, ‘OK, this is a date.’ And all I had to do was wrap my head around it, and at the end of the trek, I was like, ‘He’s so fantastic.’ He was just so kind, loving, and pure that I said to me, ‘I think I’m ready for a guy like that kind, who truly like really likes me, I think this might be wonderful.'”

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is kate hudson married

The mother of three noted that having children at such diverse stages of her life has led to unexpected discoveries.

“Ryder in my twenties and Rani in my thirties are worlds apart. I feel like I’m much more emotionally present with Rani now “She was speaking of her youngest child.

“My twenties were so unusual because I was constantly traveling, and Ryder accompanied me wherever I went. He lacked structure as if he was never in a school atmosphere, and he was constantly on the move.”

She also expressed sympathy for her eldest kid, adding, “Ryder’s plight! ‘We don’t need structure!’ I exclaimed. And now Ryder has to figure that one out, despite the fact that it has its charm, and you know, he has a whole separate set of things that will be very different than Rani, and Bing is also more structured. He was more organized.”

Hudson says she is “so much more present” with her children these days.

Hudson told The Sunday Times in November 2022 that she has three children from three separate men.