Is Lana Del Rey Married? Mystery Solved!

For over a decade, Lana Del Rey has ruled the world of music with her soulful melodies, leaving everyone enchanted by her hauntingly beautiful voice and poetic lyrics. Grammy-nominated and celebrated, she stands as a musical enigma, weaving tales of love, heartache, and nostalgia through her iconic songs.

But behind the spotlight’s glare, Lana’s love life remains a mystery, leaving fans in a state of perpetual curiosity. Linked to numerous high-profile celebrities, she has danced with romance’s secrets but never taken a definitive step into the realm of public confessions.

Like a musical siren, she keeps her marital status hidden in the depths of her heart, leaving us to wonder and wander through the realms of possibility. 

lana del rayRumours and Rumours

In December 2020, there were reports that Del Rey was engaged to musician Clayton Johnson. However, Del Rey never confirmed the engagement, and the couple reportedly split in 2021.

The rumours had just died out and yet again, in March 2023, Del Rey was spotted wearing a diamond ring on her left hand. Now this became more than just a mere rumour with no root. This sparked speculation that she was engaged or married. However, Del Rey has not addressed the rumours, and her representatives have declined to comment.

So, Is Lana Del Ray Married?

lana del ray datingDrumrolls!!!

Although the answer is No. FOR NOW. It might be true in the near future. The singer- songwriter who got the world on its knees for her enchanting voice and powerful lyrics, got engaged to Evan Winiker. Winiker works as a managing partner at Range Media. Even with their busy schedules, the two made it work and dated for long without getting into the eyes of the public. 

The relationship was kept low profile for good and hence it is uncertain when the romance sparked between the two. For past few months, paps have been working a little harder in trying to get the two clicked together. And they were successful in doing so. Well, SOMEWHAT successful. 

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lana del rayHere are some additional details about Del Rey’s dating history:

  • In 2011, Del Rey was linked to Barrie-James O’Neill, a musician and artist.
  • In 2013, Del Rey was linked to Francesco Carrozzini, the editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia.
  • In 2015, Del Rey was linked to G-Eazy, a rapper and singer.
  • In 2019, Del Rey was linked to Sean Larkin, a police officer and reality TV star.
  • In 2022, Del Rey was linked to Jack Donoghue, a musician and producer.

Seems like the rumours surrounding the diamond ring were not mere rumours. Probably, Lana Del Rey was showing off to the world her fiancé, Evan Winiker. GO QUEEN! Slay. We might hear wedding bells in the coming months. Well we wish them the best for their lovely relationship.