Lil Baby Survived a Shooting Incident without Losing His Life.

Rapper and composer Lil Baby, real name Dominique Jonas, hails from Atlanta, Georgia. After the release of his mixtape “Perfect Timing,” he gained popularity and has since emerged as one of the leading figures in the trap genre.

Other significant achievements for the artist were his duet with Drake, “Yes Indeed,” reaching number 6 on the Billboard Hot 100, and his song, “Drip Too Hard,” peaking at number 4 on the same chart. On the internet, though, old social media posts that claimed the artist had passed away have resurfaced.

Rapper Lil Baby Survived a Shooting Incident without Dying.

is lil baby dead

Lil Baby, the stage name of rapper Dominique Jones, was not shot and died, despite several reports to the contrary. The reports first appeared on a prank website. Here, a post with the description “Lil Baby shot dead” serves as an illustration of the posts that have been causing concern and confusion online.

“I promise to God this bet not be true… Dominique Jones… small baby… he not dead right???” was the caption on another post from a worried supporter. is displayed here. The article appears to have originated from, a website where individuals may fabricate news items to amuse friends.

Users are informed that “We do NOT promote FAKE NEWS!!!” in the page’s disclaimer. This website is a prank and is only meant to be entertaining. This website DOES NOT allow bullying, violent threats, or postings that violate public order.

Dominick Jones, also known as Lil Baby, was discovered dead in a car parked by his home, according to a spoof narrative on the website (archive. is/t5Vuv), which uses language similar to that of the social media posts.

Since the shooting allegations became viral online, Lil Baby has maintained a consistent social media presence, as evidenced by this Twitter post from 12:38 A.M. on July 7, 2021. Here is Jones’ Instagram post from July 7, 2021 (

Additionally, the rapper can be seen in this video from the July 7 Balenciaga Couture presentation in Paris (and mentioned here ). The management group of Lil Baby did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Reuters.

What Started the False Rumours?

is lil baby dead

The social media prank appears to have begun with a tweet from Lil Baby. He posted on Twitter, saying, “I’m logging off.” Then, a deluge of tweets from his fans expressed concern for the rapper’s welfare in the comments area.

Additionally, a false claim that the rapper had been discovered dead “in a car parked by his residence” was released by Channel 22 News. Although the news report is dismissed as a joke, Lil Baby’s supporters are upset and concerned about the unfounded rumors.

Assault in Birmingham, Al

In addition, after a gunshot at Lil Baby’s concert earlier this year, misleading reports have emerged. When shots were fired inside Birmingham, Alabama’s Bill Harris Arena, the rapper was onstage performing.

One person was brought to the hospital, but their condition “has since been updated to stable,” according to a report from