Is Lois Griffin Dead? Why is his Death Trending ?

Lois Griffin is a popular character on Family Guy, an animated sitcom conceived and created by Seth MacFarlane.

Lois’ character has been famously voiced by Alex Borstein for years, so it came as a shock when a trend on TikTok claimed Lois Griffin was dead.

Alex Borstein is alive and well, but Lois Griffin’s death trend appears to be a TikTok prank that was beginning to circulate on social media.December 26, 2022, Lois Online rumors spread about her Griffin’s death.

The “Lois Griffin died when she was 43″ joke began as a prank by her fans on TikTok and her Family Her Guys Twitter.

Lois Griffin's "Death" Is Trending: 'Family Guy' Meme Explained

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This caused so much confusion that many wondered if the character had been removed from the show.Let’s take a look at all the details behind this trend.

According to The Sun, pranks led to Lois Griffin’s trend of hoax death messages.

The prank involved a TikTok user filming himself talking to his friends and family about Lois’ unlawful death, and the TikTok clip showed mixed and confused reactions to the character’s death. showed.

Twitter users were perplexed by the trend, with one commenting, “Please stop telling me Lois Griffin is dead. I’m getting scared.”

The character of Lois Griffin is still alive in season 21 of the show.

Previously, her character’s death was part of the show’s plot in Season 6. Stewie Kills Lois and Lois Kills Stewie are two-part episodes in Season 6.

In the first part, Lois is anthropomorphized. She obtains cruise tickets from her dog, Brian, and invites her husband, Peter, to join her on the cruise.

The second episode reveals that Lois survived her attack and is able to expose Stewie as the villain a year later. It turns out that what happened was actually just a dream sequence, a computer simulation Stewie made to see what would happen if he killed Lois.

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Alex Bo Stein voiced the character of Lois Griffin from the show’s first season, which began in 1999. Borstein also voiced many recurring characters on the show, including Tricia Takanawa and Barbara Pewterschmidt.

The actress, who plays Susie Myerson on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, has spoken out about leaving Family Guy in the past.

She retired from the character when she spoke to Pop Culture for an interview earlier this year.

Talk about what you do and say, ‘That’s crazy. I was 15 when we started,” joked Borstein.

Of her work on the Family Guy team and the show, she said, “I love these people and I love this character. And it’s interesting, every time I read the script, I laugh out loud, and that’s my measure.

My barometer is if I’m still laughing when I get the script, it’s still a joy.