Is Love Still Alive on ‘you’ Season 4? Here’s Why Fans Think that.

Here is a quick recap of how You’s Season 3 concluded in light of the release of the eagerly awaited Season 4 on Netflix. Keep in mind that the series finale saw Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) in a life-or-death situation with her murdering husband Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley).

She may have attempted to poison him and knife him, but in the end, Joe was able to carry out his usual routine and murder the person for whom he once lived.

Of course, since we witnessed Love’s demise, we can be certain that she is dead. And don’t forget that Joe set their home on fire to ensure that she died after being poisoned — and erase any chance of someone questioning his demise — in addition to cutting off his toes to make it appear as though his wife killed him (and baking his digits in a dessert in the oven).

In Season Four of “you,” Is Love Still Alive?

is love quinn still alive

Joe travels to Europe in the fourth season of You after following his latest fixation, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle), to London. She is the librarian with whom he had an affair while Love was his wife, in case you forgot.

The first episode of You Season 4 looks wonderfully nasty, and Joe seems determined to leave his homicidal history behind in favor of a “European holiday” in the teaser. The teaser also suggests that after Marienne rejects his advances and tells him, “You’re a killer, Joe,” he develops feelings for yet another lady.

Joe soon finds himself with a new set of affluent British people, and we don’t yet know who the mystery person is that is keeping an eye on Joe at all times. Okay, love?

There is only one way to learn the reality of Love’s destiny.

Prepare for Part 2 on March 9 by watching You Part 1, which is currently available on Netflix. We are sure to watch it!

How Did Love Quinn Die in You?

is love quinn still alive

Joe relocates to London, taking on the identity of Professor Jonathan Moore, and mingles with the elite of the city. You might be wondering if Love joined her co-conspirator in the other country or where she is in this most recent chapter. ICYMI, though, in the season 3 finale, Joe kills Love.

Ok, let’s go back a little. Joe and Love have adulterous affairs during the third season; Joe with Marianne, the Madre Linda librarian, and Love with Theo, the nearby college student. However, Love beats Theo with a fire extinguisher after Theo learns that Joe and Love had had Sherry and her husband Cary imprisoned in a plexiglass cage (although, he survives). Joe, along with Henry the baby, Marienne, and Juliette, her daughter, are planning their grand escape.

However, Love learns about their liaison and concludes that Joe murdered Marianne’s ex-boyfriend Ryan out of obsession and jealousy. During a “tense” roast chicken supper, Love confronts Joe and confesses that her previous husband, James, was slain by a lethal dose of aconite after he requested a divorce.

She insists that she didn’t intend for him to pass away and that she was unaware that the dose was that high. Love says, “I just wanted to stop him. Keep him put for as long as necessary so we can discuss it.