Is Madison Bailey Lesbian? The Empowering Story of The Outer Banks Star’s!

American actress Madison Bailey is best known for playing Kiara Carrea in the Netflix adolescent drama series Outer Banks. Bailey is also well-known for her work with black lighting. Discarded Things, Constantine, Creepshow, etc. She has 17 acting credits listed among her accomplishments.

In 2015, the actress made her feature debut with the TV series Constantine. She has been actively working and giving the film business her all since that time. She gained notoriety when she was seen as Kiara in the television series Outer Banks.

Additionally, she recently finished playing the part of Sasha in the TV movie Constance, and her work on Time Cut is continuing in the post-production phase.

Is Madison Bailey Lesbian? Her Sexuality

is madison bailey lesbian

Madison Bailey is not a lesbian, to be sure. Bailey acknowledged as pansexual. Through her TikTok video, she revealed that pansexuals are attracted to persons of any gender.

She stated on Instagram Live that she is happy to be out and that she has never been ashamed of her sexuality. She continued by saying she has no guilt, feels lighter and happier than before, and is now free to be open and honest.

She also started urging people to embrace homosexual people and come out to everyone if they are. She also said that she believed most people’s sexuality to be flexible.

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Madison Bailey Partner or Girlfriend 2021

is madison bailey lesbian

On her TikTok, Madison Bailey revealed that she is dating University of North Carolina basketball player Mariah Linney.

Additionally, the pair has identical forearm tattoos. Additionally, Madison typically posts their photos to her Instagram account.

However, Bailey has avoided discussing the specifics of her previous relationships in front of the camera. So, we are still in the dark about her previous romantic life.

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Is Madison Bailey Dating or Married?

is madison bailey lesbian

Mariah Linney and Madison Bailey are a couple. The couple has not yet been hitched. Elle claims that Madison made her connection with Linney public in a TikTok video. She keeps insisting, “I’m not falling,” but towards the conclusion of the video, she admits, “Okay, I’m falling,” and she takes Linney over and gives her a hug. She acknowledged her pansexuality before stating her love for Mariah Linney.
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Bailey has been open about exploring her sexual identity and her personal life. When she was 18, she gave birth to a kid, but her attraction to guys persisted. She, therefore, believed herself to be bisexual, but she later altered her views after dating a trans man she met while working on a play and showing support for her homosexual followers. She isn’t homosexual, though. It is a rumor regarding her.

After the encounter, she became aware that she was pansexual. She was terrified to inform her mum and come out first. Her folks weren’t impressed when she informed them. Bailey asserts that she felt “less heavy” after coming out.

He thought it was “wonderful” that he could bring his fans into his private life. Due to her sexual orientation, the actor was also protected from any public humiliation.
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She also regards herself as fortunate since, unlike the majority of LGBTQ individuals, she has never encountered a lack of support.