Is Mr. Maker Still Alive? Phil Gallagher, Star of Cbeebies, Caught in Death Hoax

Fans of Mister Maker on TikTok are going crazy since his supposed death never happened and he’s still around. Recently, “is Mister Maker dead?” has been a popular query on TikTok.

People on TikTok have been rejoicing over the fact that Mister Maker’s death was a hoax ever since he uploaded a video that caused an uproar in the comments section.

In case you haven’t heard of him, Mister Maker is an iconic figure in children’s media who inspired a whole generation through his television program about making things.

The BBC series, titled after the man himself, has been airing since 2007. It featured creative ideas for youngsters to do while they stayed at home.

We know what you’re thinking: “How the hell can someone get involved in a death hoax?” Furthermore, HOW has this been a rumor since 2008??? An explanation of the “Mister Maker died” hoax is provided below.

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How Did Mister Maker’s Death Hoax Start?

Is Mr. Maker Still Alive? Phil Gallagher, Star of Cbeebies, Caught in Death Hoax

At first, viewers got Phil Gallagher (Mister Maker) and Mark Speight (who hosted SMart) mixed up.

Unfortunately, in 2008, Mark, another BBC children’s TV host, was discovered dead at London’s Paddington station. Having been detained for the alleged murder of his fiancée Natasha Collins, he tragically passed away shortly afterward.

Coke, sedatives, and vodka were all found in Natasha’s system when she was discovered dead in the tub.

People often confused Mark with Mister Maker because they both worked on children’s television. Due to this, the death of Mister Maker has been suspected to be a hoax since 2008.

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Is Mr Maker Dead?

Is Mr. Maker Still Alive? Phil Gallagher, Star of Cbeebies, Caught in Death Hoax

Incorrect; Mr. Maker is still very much alive. Phil Gallagher’s continued social media activity and the presence of a recent Instagram post attest to his continued viability.

Mister Maker had previously posted a snapshot from the show’s early days alongside a message imploring his community and followers to keep well and safe throughout the pandemic. Quarantined at his house, Phil has also been giving interviews.

People in the comments section are going crazy because he just acknowledged he is the genuine Mister Maker. Someone said, “I’m sorry I mistook your silence for death.” and someone else spoke, “But wait, isn’t he dead…?”

He stated in the TikTok video that he is currently filming Mister Maker as recently as today. During the video, Paul can be heard saying, “Yes, I’ve been Mister Maker since 2007.

Only now I’m a little bit older and greyer. One constant, though, is my devotion to and gratitude for the viewers of my show.

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