Is Myles Turner Gay? Fans Left Curious and Furious over the Star’s Outfit

The Indian Pacers’ Star, Myles Turner, has once again made it to the headlines of every newspaper and magazine in the world. But the reason this time is a little eccentric. The star has been trending on social media for the past few days now and has drawn unwavering criticism along the way for the recent choices made by the star in public. Here is why people have been growing crazy over the latest move by Myles Turner.

About Myles Turner

Myles Turner

Myles Turner is a serious force to be reckoned with in the world of professional basketball. The renowned Indiana Pacers of the National Basketball Association (NBA) are where this exceptional athlete first established his name as a significant contributor. But he had to take his own detours in order to arrive where he is now. Turner had a fantastic season with the Texas Longhorns where he displayed his incredible abilities before showcasing it in the NBA.

He demonstrated how much he cared and how passionate he was by giving every game his all. Fans and friends will always remember him as a result. It was obvious that Turner’s future was dependent on the sport he loved. It was a significant moment when Myles Turner made the decision to enter the highly anticipated 2015 NBA draft. Basketball supporters were anxious to find out what would happen to him.

Yup! You Guessed it right- Famous & Rich $$

Myles TurnerAlthough Myles Turner is not as rich as the top NBA players, the star has a convincing monetary income. Over years, along with his performance, his salary has also seen a significant increment. He is speculated to be having about $2.7 million earning.

2019 seemed to be the lucky year for Myles Turner as his net worth saw a significant jump in the year of about $17 million. In the same year, the contract he had with Indiana Pacers also got renewed and the deal stands as high as $80 million.

Is Myles Turner Gay or Is it just another Rumour?

Myles Turner, a former Texas Longhorns player, has always kept his private life a secret, which has fueled Myles Turner Gay rumors. The media is not aware of specifics regarding his present dating situation or previous partnerships.

Myles Turner

Additionally, there are no indications of Myles dating anyone on his social media accounts. Turner is believed to be outspoken about his parents, but the athlete has never talked about his romantic relationships in the media. Despite these obstacles, Myles Turner’s name is associated with a woman romantically.

It would be great to have a handle on Myles Turner Gay’s dating life before relying entirely on the rumours. Industry insiders claim that the 27-year-old once started dating international personality Franchesca Ramsey. However, neither the player nor other organizations confirmed it. Even his social media accounts lacked any relevant updates or images. It is safe to assume that Myles Turner is now single and fully concentrating on his game and profession.

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Was the Outfit a Hint or just a Misinterpretation?

Although there have been many changes in fashion throughout the years, people never miss an opportunity to make news about a celebrity’s attire. After Myles Turner was sighted at the Pacers vs. Wizards Summer League game, the internet found a new target. He was seen sitting cross-legged, his face expressionless. The attire he picked out for the game was more significant.

Myles Turner outfit

He might be seen in the pictures that circulated online sporting pink pants and loafers. A piece of ascot worn around his neck by Myles Turner completed his appearance. Two alternative theories were generated in response to the peculiar wardrobe choice. Some questioned whether the NBA player was attempting to make a fashion statement, while others made references to a more private matter.

Thus, Myles Turner Gay suspicions were sparked by his appearance in the oddly fashioned clothing. A few users of the internet also mentioned how his attire made him appear more feminine. Turner’s supporters, on the other hand, defended him and complimented him for his confidence.

Well the evidences suggest that the player is NOT gay and it was just some of us overreacting to the star’s fashion choices.