Is Nicki Minaj a Grammy Winner?

On Twitter, Nicki Minaj has voiced her displeasure about reports that the Grammys will no longer consider her song Super Freaky Girl for the Rap category.

The rapper has been nominated for the award multiple times, but has she ever taken home the hardware?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, despite Super Freaky Girl’s top spot entry on Billboard’s Hot 100 list in August, the Grammys’ committee has decided the song should compete for best pop solo performance rather than best rap performance.

The rapper went live on Instagram to confirm this.

The 1990s hit Can’t Touch This also has a sample of Rick James’s classic Super Freak, which is sampled in SFG. The song by MC Hammer was awarded two Grammys during the 33rd Annual Ceremony in 1991: Best Rap Solo Performance and Best R&B Song.

Has Nicki Minaj Ever Won a Grammy?

Nicki Minaj has not, in fact, won a Grammy.

The rapper has been nominated ten times for awards for his music. These awards range from “Best Rap Album” to “Best Pop Duo/Group Performance” to “Best New Artist” to “Best Rap Song.”

Unfortunately, she has not yet been awarded a Grammy.

Nicki has won other prestigious prizes, though, including the American Music Award, BET Award, Billboard Music Award, and BRIT Award.

The rapper on SFG Being Moved out Of the Rap Category

Is Nicki Minaj a Grammy Winner?

On October 13, Nicki went live on Instagram to discuss the snub of her song Super Freaky Girl from the Grammys’ Rap category in favor of Drake’s Hotline Bling.

On Twitter, she voiced her opinion that Latto’s Big Energy should be separated from the same category. Nicki also used a tweet from a fan to bring up the fact that Anaconda, a song she released in 2015, was still up for Best Rap Song.

As long as everyone is being treated fairly, she said, “I have no prob getting moved out of the RAP category.” So long as SFG has 2B out of RAP, Big Energy does, too.

A troll or Nicki Minaj hater is anyone who says otherwise. In fact, I’d love to see a woman or man break the street record. Right is Right, I.J.S.

When Are Nominations for Grammy 2023 Announced?

Is Nicki Minaj a Grammy Winner?

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, the Grammy nominations will be revealed.

On Sunday, February 5 at Los Angeles’ Arena, the 65th Annual Grammy Awards will be presented.

The Songwriter of the Year, Not in the Classical Genre, Best Alternative Music Performance, Best Americana Performance, Best Score Soundtrack for Video Games and Other Interactive Media, and Best Spoken Word Poetry Album are the five new categories introduced by the Recording Academy for the upcoming ceremony.