Is There a Gay Relationship Depicted in The Left and Right Music Video with BTS’ Jungkook? Charlie Puth Answers!

Since the dawn of time, fans have imagined a romance between their favorite celebrities. Now, let’s add a totally unexpected OTP to that list: Charlie Puth with BTS’s Jungkook.

Or, more precisely, the characters they play in the brand-new song Left and Right.

The song is the result of their second collaboration; their first came when BTS and Charlie shared the stage at the 2018 Genie Music Awards.

In the video, Charlie and Jungkook’s characters, two men in treatment, are seen attempting to forget about their lover who is “stuck up in my skull.”

Apart from the therapist, Charlie and Jungkook’s characters are the only two individuals seen in the music video throughout the song. At one point, they can be seen singing to one another in the same therapist’s office.

That scenario wasn’t lost on astute viewers who also noted how oddly similar it seemed to be to a couple’s therapy session.

And if you’re rooting for their romance in the music video, you’ll be happy to hear that Charlie seems to be hinting at something.

The 30-year-old posted a YouTube remark on his Instagram Story on July 4 with the following excerpt: “Since no other people are shown [in the video] but the two, the presumption is that the two males are occupying each other’s minds.”

The BTS Maknae (youngest member) “immediately sprang to mind” when it came to working on a collaboration, Charlie previously told iHeartRadio’s Z100 New York. Charlie has also not hidden his affection for Jungkook.

Additionally, he acknowledged that Jungkook “is a really handsome human.”

Because June is Pride Month, fans were especially happy that the collaboration was released during that month.

One viewer expressed appreciation that the video did not appear to be fetishizing gay people.

According to Naver, the much-awaited song was released on June 24 and quickly rose to the top of the iTunes Top Songs charts in 93 different nations and regions. Just a little over 12 hours after its debut, the music video received more than 10 million views.

With the release of Left and Right, Jungkook also set a new record for the fastest Asian solo artist to reach 20 million Spotify streams.

Joji, a Japanese musician, previously held the record; it took him five days to reach the same number of streams. Jungkook, though, only took four.

The song has also received over 50 million streams as of July 5, just over a week after its debut.

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