Is Tony Romo Still Married to Candice Crawford!

Tony Romo’s 14-year career as a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys ended in 2017, but the four-time Pro Bowler has remained in the public eye since becoming an NFL analyst.

Fans may not be aware that Candice Crawford Romo, Tony’s wife, is also a sports journalist. In fact, they met during Candice’s internship with the Dallas Cowboys. They began dating in 2009, wed in 2011, and have since had three children.

Tony told PEOPLE in 2012 that it is crucial to find a woman who understands the rigours of an athlete. “I was fortunate to find someone similar. She is a wonderful mother and wife.”

She Studied Broadcast Journalism at Missouri University.

is tony romo still married

Candice, who was raised in Texas, studied journalism at the University of Missouri. During college, she covered the Cowboys for The Blitz as a Cowboys correspondent for the Dallas CBS affiliate KTVT. She also contributed to Midwest Sports Fans, an online sports blog.

After graduating, Candice covered high school athletics for CW33 in Dallas. In addition, she hosted Up All Night, a feature about local nightlife, and Special Edition, the Dallas Cowboys’ weekend sports show.

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Her Parents Were Avid Cowboys Supporters.

is tony romo still married

When Tony initially asked his future wife out on a date, she was still living with her Cowboys-obsessed parents as a college junior. When Tony arrived to pick Candice up, she hid them in the bathroom out of fear they would disgrace her.

She’s the younger sister of actor Chace Crawford, who starred in the hit TV show “Gossip Girl.” He dated Carried Underwood in 2008 after Tony Romo did. Small world. Candice and Tony have been happily married over the last decade and made plenty of public appearances.

“Because my parents are huge Cowboys fans, she didn’t want them in the house,” Chace, Candice’s older brother, said on The Rich Eisen Show. “She shielded my parents from view. She was unaware Tony was going to pick her up… It caught her by surprise, so she pushed my folks to the rear… literally in their master bathroom.”

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She and Tony were married during the 2011 NFL lockout.

is tony romo still married

In 2010, Tony proposed to Candice on her 24th birthday. Later, on May 28, 2011, the couple wed at Arlington Hall, a historic mansion in uptown Dallas.

Six hundred guests attended the wedding, including current and former Cowboys players Troy Aikman, Roger Staubach, Dez Bryant, and Miles Austin, as well as team owner Jerry Jones, who needed special permission to attend his star quarterback’s wedding because owners and players were not permitted to communicate during the NFL lockout.

A source tells PEOPLE, “It was flawless!” “From the lovely white ceremony to the lively afterparty with fantastic music chosen by Tony himself,”

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Meet The Ex-Partners Of Cowboys Icon Tony Romo


Since 2001, Tony Romo has been married to Candice Crawford, a former Dallas Cowboys star. The broadcaster for CBS and the former reporter share three children. Romo has an extensive dating history prior to marrying his present wife.

Before getting married, Romo famously dated Jessica Simpson and Carrie Underwood. Early in Simpson’s career, the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys played beside him. During his 2007 first-round playoff bye, he notoriously vacationed in Mexico with O.J. Simpson.

Reportedly, Romo dated country music sensation Underwood. Clearly, the Cowboys star has a taste for a certain sort of hair. However, according to Romo, his connection with Underwood was never that serious.

Some doubt whether or not they were ever anything more than good buddies. Unfortunately, none of that matters anymore because Tony and Candice are blissfully married. We wish the Romo family the best of luck moving ahead.