Is Tracee Ellis Ross Married? All About Tracee Ellis Ross Husband and Children!

Tracee Joy Silberstein (born October 29, 1972) is an American actress best known as Tracee Ellis Ross. She is most recognized for her roles as the lead in the television programs Girlfriends (2000-2008) and Black-ish (2014–2022). She is the daughter of actress Diana Ross and Motown recording artist Robert Ellis Silberstein.

She began her career in independent films and variety shows. On Lifetime, she hosted the pop-culture magazine The Dish.

She starred as Joan Clayton in the UPN/CW comedy series Girlfriends from 2000 to 2008, for which she got two NAACP Image Awards for Outstanding Actress in a Comedy Series.

She has also acted in the films Hanging Up (2000), I-See-You.Com (2006), and Daddy’s Little Girls (2007), before returning to television in 2011 to play Dr.
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Carla Reed in the BET sitcom Reed Between the Lines, for which she got her third NAACP Image Award.

Is Tracee Ellis Ross Dating Anyone?

is tracee ellis ross married

The American actress began her acting career by playing in a variety of small films and television series. The only question about Tracee was if she had lately been married. Tracee is unmarried and does not mind being single, according to the Hellomagazine website.

She is quite content with her single status. However, rumors have circulated that the creator of the show Black-ish, Kenny Barris, and Tracee are dating. This allegation began after Keny Barris divorced his wife after 20 years of marriage in 2019. Tracee and Kenny, on the other hand, were unconcerned with the rumor.

People are wondering if Tracee Ellis Ross has a boyfriend. However, Tracee Ellis Ross does not have a boyfriend and does not have children of her own. She is 50 years old, happy with the goal she has set for herself, and she is not the mother of any children.

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Tracee Ellis Ross’ wedding and marriage

is tracee ellis ross married

Tracee Ellis Ross is not married and does not have a husband as of the publication of this article (June 2022). Tracee Ellis discussed her single status in a November 2020 interview with Shape, saying:

Tracee, on the other hand, has played both ladies obsessed with getting married and married women with five children throughout her acting career. In reality, she is quite single. She isn’t wholly worried about her single status; she probably values living a fulfilling and happy life more than marriage and family.

Tracee Ellis Ross was asked in one of her Marie Claire interviews if she had ever imagined a life with a large family, and she replied:

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Concerning Tracee’s rumored boyfriends

is tracee ellis ross married

Tracee Ellis Ross prefers to keep her love life private because she dislikes bringing the public and their opinions into her personal affairs. Her upbringing in a famous Hollywood family most likely influenced her decision.

She prefers not to discuss who she is seeing.

Tracee Ellis Ross is not currently in a relationship, however, there have been unverified rumors that she has dated males such as Nas, Henry Simmons, DeRay Davis, Chris Webber, and the Black-ish creator, Kenya Barris. Her sole romance that became public was when she dated Akon’s younger brother and music manager, Abou ‘Bu’ Thiam.

Abou “Bu” Thiam’s connection with Tracee Ellis Ross

Tracee Ellis Ross’ connection with Akon’s younger brother Abou “Bu” Thiam was initially rumored before Abou “Bu” Thiam acknowledged it after they split up. Tracee Ellis Ross, on the other hand, never commented about the affair either during or after it ended.

On The Breakfast Club radio in 2016, Abou “Bu” Thiam claimed he dated Tracee Ellis Ross, saying that even if they were no longer together, they would always be lovers.

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Kenya Barris and Tracee Ellis Ross’s relationship

is tracee ellis ross married

Tracee Ellis Ross and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris were said to be dating in 2020. The rumors began shortly after Kenya Barris and his 20-year wife, Dr. Rania “Rainbow” Barris, declared their desire to divorce in 2019. Tracee Ellis Ross’ role in Black-ish was also said to be influenced by Kenya Barris’ wife.

Kenya Barris and Tracee Ellis Ross’s relationship was never confirmed. In fact, neither of the grownups addressed the rumors.
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Kenya Barris and his wife Dr. Rainbow Barris reconciled in September 2020, and the divorce was never finalized.