Will Byers, a Character from Stranger Things, Is Gay, According to Noah Schnapp!

A fictitious character from the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things is named William “Will” Byers. The character, played by Noah Schnapp, originally appears in the first season as a recurrent character before being added to the main cast in the second.

Will Byers from “Stranger Things” Be Gay?
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When Variety questioned Noah Schnapp about if many viewers were correct in their assumption that his character Will was gay after the release of the first half of Stranger Things’ fourth season in May, he gave a hazy response.

Will’s sexuality was “up to the audience’s perception,” the actor remarked. Schapp admitted to being less forthright about Will’s sexual orientation earlier in order to avoid giving away spoilers before things became clear in the new episodes, but now that the entire season has been released and his feelings for his best friend Mike (Finn Wolfhard) have become more overt, Schapp has confirmed Will’s sexual orientation.

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Is Will Byers Gay?

“Now that he is older, they have made it seem very genuine and evident. It is now undeniably evident that he is gay and that he does care about Mike, according to Schnapp. But prior to that, it had a sluggish arc. Because it’s so simple to create a character queer out of nowhere, I think it’s done so well. Since the show’s debut in 2016, viewers have been wondering about Will’s sexual orientation.

A Stranger Things companion book from 2018 included the following early plot summary by the Duffer Brothers: The early pitch did mention a character named “Will Byers, twelve, [who] is a sweet, sensitive youngster with sexual identity issues,” it read, though it had some major deviations from what the show eventually become (its title and setting, for example).

This was revealed in reaction to a third-season line that had led to other ideas. Although Wolfhard denied whether the line was specifically about Will’s sexuality in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, the statement made by Mike during an altercation with Will maintained the subject in the public’s consciousness.

Season four, however, is more overt, including sequences in which Will uses Eleven and Mike’s romance as a cover for himself. Sometimes feeling different makes you feel like a mistake. But you give her the impression that she is not at all a mistake.

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He then has an emotional, encouraging talk with his older brother, Jonathan, after which he comments, “Like she’s better by being different and it gives her the courage to go on.

The Cast of Stranger Things Believes It Is Acceptable to Not Label Will Byers’ Sexuality

The fate of the cast and villains (who and what will they be up against next?) are just a few of the many questions Stranger Things fans have regarding the popular Netflix series following Season 4’s figuratively explosive ending, but one that keeps popping up is about Will Byers’ sexuality.

Will – gay? Fans have long debated the sexuality of the Upside Down survivor, played by 17-year-old Noah Schnapp, especially after witnessing the rest of the Hawkins gang mature and find love.

Schnapp and his co-stars stated that they believe it is acceptable that his sexuality hasn’t yet been branded in an interview with Variety on May 30. That’s what Schnapp described as its beauty. “That it’s just up to the audience’s perception, if it’s Will kind of kind of kind of simply refusing to grow up and growing up slower than his buddies, or if he’s truly gay,” the author said.

Will’s sexual orientation has been implied throughout the series but never stated outright. Bullies called Will a “fairy” in Season 1 to mock him.

When Will and his best buddy Mike (Finn Wolfhard) got into an argument in Season 3, Mike yelled, “It’s not my fault you don’t like girls,” which the public interpreted as yet another hint that Will might be gay.

Is Will Byers Gay?

Fans noticed what they took to be further hints about Will’s sexuality in Season 4, Volume 1, such as when he selected a gay mathematician as his “idol” for a school project. The hints appeared to be increasingly clearer and more passionate in Volume 2.

When Mike confided in Will about his worries about losing Eleven, Will displayed his artwork of the gang battling a monster with Mike in the foreground. “Do you see where you’re taking us? You’re leading the group and motivating us all. You do that, Will said to the man.

And here, do you see your coat of arms? It is a heart That is the glue that binds this entire gathering. Without heart, we would all disintegrate.

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El even. particularly El.

Will appeared to be referring to his own emotions as well, despite the fact that he was speaking about Eleven. “She’s been so lost without you these last six months,” She is incredibly unique compared to other people, and when you’re unique, you can occasionally feel like an error.

But you give her the impression that she is not at all a mistake. Like her differences make her great. And that gives her the strength to continue fighting. She’s afraid of losing you, so if she was rude to you or looked to be pushing you away, that’s why. Mike, El needs you. And she will always. Will started crying after their conversation, but only Jonathan saw it.

What Does Will Being Gay Mean for Stranger Things Season 5?

How this will affect season 5 is a major concern now that Stranger Things has essentially revealed that Will Byers is gay. The conclusion of Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 sets up Will to play a significant role in the series’ final season because his capacity to detect Vecna/The Mind Flayer and how the antagonist is feeling will be immensely useful.

While Will’s storyline in Stranger Things season 5 will probably revolve largely around that, it would be disheartening if this was the extent of the show’s treatment of his sexuality.

Thanks to Eleven and Mike, Joyce and Hopper, the anticipated love triangle of Nancy, Jonathan, and Steve, and the potential rekindling of Lucas and Max’s sentiments, romance will still be in the air.

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With all of these connections in play, it would be tragic if Will’s gay identity wasn’t fully explored in Stranger Things season 5.

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In the best-case scenario, Will comes out as gay to Mike and his buddies in the upcoming season. Could the show, however, make things more intense by getting Mike to feel the same way? Their constant proximity could develop into something more since they were last seen standing next to one another in the Stranger Things season 4, volume 2 conclusion.

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