Ivanka Trump Lost so Much Weight Following Mother Ivana Trump’s Demise, Fans Are Worried!

This week, Ivanka Trump, 41, made headlines for a number of reasons, including the fact that she had lost a *lot* of weight following the passing of her mother, Ivana Trump, in July 2022. The former First Daughter shared a carousel of pictures on the site on January 29th with the remark “Loving the NY winter vibes,” followed by a snowflake emoji, which notwithstanding any potential minor modifications to her appearance around the end of last year, terrified her fans.

Ivanka Trump’s Followers Express Their Concern Over Her Weight Loss on Instagram.

ivanka trump weight loss

“I adore you, but you must eat. Not looking well at all, said one fan, to which another fan retorted, “Agree, “utilizing the 100% emoji Another admirer said in the comments area, “You dropped so much weight since your mum died away. “Please understand that I am not body-shaming; I am only worried. Please be cautious. You’re always stunning, and I know you’ll be the country’s first female leader.

Not looking like yourself recently was one comment, and “Really anxious about you” was another.

Another fan remarked, “It must be hard losing her mom.

” “That’s what I first believed. One person yelled, “She looks far too skinny!” while another stressed that they weren’t “fat shaming,” only worried that she didn’t appear healthy. Possibly, losing her mother was too difficult.” “I hope she can get healthy soon,” they continued. one more said: “She appears thin due to weight reduction. I wish her well as well.”

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At Her Sister’s Wedding, Ivanka’s Frail Frame Was Brought up By Fans.

ivanka trump weight loss

Her appearance at her younger sister Tiffany Trump’s wedding in November of last year was also brought up by fans. “I was startled when I saw her at her sister’s wedding, and in the final photographs she dropped more weight,” one admirer added.

“Another admirer said, “I think she is starting to appear far too thin, but I’m going to get blasted for expressing that!

It’s simply a worrying kind of too thin; I’m not at all trying to shame your physique. Since the images from her sister’s wedding, she appears to have dropped even more weight “than an emoticon of a sad face.

Several followers pointed out that being Donald Trump’s daughter might be stressful in and of itself, which might be unintentionally causing the weight loss. It’s challenging to be in the spotlight while everyone despises your father.

Her treatment is unfair. One admirer remarked, “She dropped weight because she’s in financial and legal troubles. She has always had my admiration and always will. Another person added, “You would lose weight thinking about what she knows.”

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Things that Stress Ivanka Trump Out

ivanka trump weight loss

The ongoing fraud lawsuit brought against her, her father Donald Trump, and her brothers Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump back in September, as well as her testimony to the US House of Representatives committee looking into the siege on the US Capitol on January 6, 2021, may also be contributing factors to her weight loss.

We anticipate that her father’s third run for president will still have some sort of impact (read: stress) on her life, even though the mother-of-three stated she would be putting her family first this time, presumably referring to her 42-year-old husband Jared Kushner and their three children Arabella, 11, Joseph, 9, and Theodore, 6.