Are Izzy and Bartise Still Together from The Perfect Match? Are They Able to Survive as a Couple in Outer World

Spoiler Alert. On the last episode of Perfect Match, Bartise from Love Is Blind and Izzy from THTH teamed up, with Bartise hinting at a “travel across the pond” following the programme.

Izzy Fairthorne from Too Hot To Handle and controversial Love Is Blind cast member Bartise Bowden had a rocky Perfect Match experience; are they still together? On Perfect Match, Bartise, who is most known for leaving Nancy Rodriguez at the altar in ‘Love Is Blind’, dated a number of women.

When she subsequently woke up from the nightmare that was her relationship with Bartise, it was too late. Bartise unexpectedly selected Izzy as his ideal match for the grand finale. Midway through the performance, Bartise utterly blindsided her, but she still consented to the pairing.

Bartise and Izzy Were Not a Perfect Match

izzy and bartise still together

Izzy and Bartise are not together after Perfect Match, which is not surprising. Izzy and Bartise were open with one another about their first and only date in the series finale. Their major barrier during their date became obvious: distance.

Izzy resides in Manchester, UK, whereas Love Is Blind’s Bartise is a resident of Dallas. He hinted that a “travel over the pond” would be in order, but that hasn’t happened, according to his Instagram feed.

He must also keep in mind that earlier in the season, he abandoned Izzy in favour of Ines Tazi from The Circle in France. Bartise repeated his previous toxic conduct at the end of this difficult session, telling Ines that he “built her up” the moment she showed assurance and security in her own judgement.

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Bartise and Izzy Are Living Single Lives

Several hints on Bartise’s Instagram account suggest that he and Izzy never made an effort to date. Perfect Match was filmed in February and March 2022, while Love Is Blind: After The Altar was filmed in the autumn of that same year. Bartise stated she was single during the Love Is Blind reunion.


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Nancy informed him she didn’t even want to be friends anymore when he wanted to explore their connection. Bartise’s Instagram post that he has lots of free time to work out since he has “no b****es” in his life further encapsulates his unwillingness to accept responsibility for his failings.

Izzy’s Instagram is flooded with comments from followers wishing she was no longer with Bartise or applauding her for doing so. You conducted charity work by hanging out with the barstool, smfh, devastated sobbing face emoji, you deserved more, one person said.

You’re too wonderful for him, another said. Dozens of followers responded with feelings of relief, suggesting that others also agreed. Izzy and Baritse are still Instagram followers of one another, and Too Hot To Handle‘s Izzy recently shared pictures of her and Bartise having a good time while filming Perfect Match. These two appear to have broken up amicably despite the turmoil Bartise always appears to be carrying with him.

izzy and bartise still together

Izzy was a bit of a nuisance on Too Hot To Handle and Perfect Match but still upbeat, whereas Bartise was a contentious character on Love Is Blind and Perfect Match. Ines agreed that Izzy and Bartise were content when Nick Lachey questioned the group about their compatibility at the show’s conclusion, but Abbey vehemently disagreed, calling him out for moving from her to Izzy.

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Abbey’s judgement looked to be accurate because Bartise and Izzy’s romance ended as soon as the cameras stopped filming. During their brief time together on Perfect Match, Izzy may now be added to the group of ladies who avoided Bartise’s wrath.