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Jack Manifold Apology’- “I Don’t Mean that In a Misogynistic Sense,” Says Minecraft Star Jack Manifold

jack manifold apology

jack manifold apology

Minecraft streamer Jack Manifold was recently involved in a major scandal. The 19-year-old YouTuber and Twitch streamer faced backlash during a Livestream debate with content producer Mizkif.

The topic of discussion was another popular Minecraft broadcaster dubbed GeorgeNotFound’s younger and female following. Users on Twitch and Reddit took the debate extremely seriously, and Jack recently responded to it.

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“I Don’t Mean that In a Misogynistic Sense,” Says Minecraft Star Jack Manifold

After Jack was featured in one of Mizkif’s streams, the uproar began. Mizkif was referring to Minecraft broadcaster GeorgeNotFound’s YouTube and Twitch audiences, which were primarily adolescent girls who were “obsessed” with his programming. As a result, Mizkif asked Jack:

The fact that Jack said “Yes,” thus agreeing with Mizkif when he said 15-year-old girls were obsessed with George, drew him into the dispute. Mizkif then proceeded to ask Jack if he knew who Dream was and if his recent “doxxing” incident was true. Jack was uneasy and replied that he didn’t know.

Another video from a Twitch feed aired by prominent Minecraft YouTuber Ph1LzA, who was playing with another YouTuber named Wilbur Soot at the time, added gasoline to the fire. Wilbur wonders aloud and asks Ph1LzA if he can tell him “anything that adolescent females would be interested in without being made fun of” on the video.

Jack Manifold and Mizkif needa [sic] hear this one,” one Twitter user wrote on the social media network. Wilbur went into great detail about the scenario, which was the root of Jack’s misogynistic accusations.

Ph1LzA appeared confused and did not respond to the inquiry. Wilbur, on the other hand, had more to say on the subject, stating that what he said about adolescent girls is correct and that it is “s*xist” and “unfair.” Wilbur went on to remark that the problem was something he disliked about modern media:

“There’s Nothing a Teen Girl Can Be Interested in Without Being Mocked.”

In his Twitch life, Jack apologized several times and reiterated that he was not a sexist and that the conversation with Mizkif was about demography.

Jack shared his thoughts on the topic, adding that the words he talked with Ph1LzA (about adolescent females having nothing to be interested in without being mocked) made him pleased for creating a community where the aforementioned girls could go and enjoy the streamer’s content without being mocked. Jack continued, ” “I’m overjoyed to have such a large audience.”

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He went on to say that his views on the subject have been distorted into the claim that he is a sexist. He argued that the rumors are the polar opposite of what he thought and meant and that before the Dream SMP and stan culture, the audiences on sites like Twitch and YouTube were much different. Jack continued, ”

“We (Dream SMP) came in, inhabited the area, and provided a platform for that community.”

The “teenage females” discussion, according to Jack, was about the demographic of Twitch and YouTube watchers, not a nasty remark about girls watching streamers. The rest of the video features Jack discussing how it was “crazy” that people believed he was misogynistic for saying what he did and expressing his ideas, as well as his real lack of knowledge of Dream’s “doxxing” case.

“I honestly have no idea what Dream looks like.”

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Throughout the video, his chat aired their feelings, and many expressed support and forgiveness for the streamer.

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