Jackie Evancho Illness: Is She Ill? Health Update on The American Singer

Early success for American classical crossover vocalist Jacqueline Marie Evancho, born on April 9, 2000.

She has released an EP that went platinum and eight studio albums since 2009. Three of her albums debuted in the top 10 on the Billboard 200. Additionally, she has hosted three concert specials on PBS as a solo act.

What Has Happened to Jackie Evancho?

Jackie Evancho Illness

The 22-year-old spoke with People magazine about her eating condition and the automobile accident that left her with osteoporosis and a broken back in 2021. Evancho described the fractures as “odd,” adding that “you see those in 80-year-olds.”

What happened to Jackie Evancho from AGT?

This is a very significant health update from Jackie Evancho. Anorexic America’s Got Talent singer suffered major back injuries in a vehicle accident in 2021, and afterward learned that her condition, osteoporosis, was the result of her lifelong struggle with the eating disorder.

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Jackie Evancho Illness

Jackie Evancho Illness

Jackie Evancho is finally ready to get help for her eating condition after struggling with it for the past seven years.

The 22-year-old singer discusses her struggles with anorexia and her current efforts to improve her health in the latest edition of PEOPLE.

Though she has battled compulsive eating since adolescence, America’s Got Talent runner-up from 2010 when she was barely 10 years old finally realized she needed treatment after being hospitalized in January 2021 after a car accident left her with a broken back.

Evancho describes these fractures as “abnormal breaks, breaks that you see in 80-year-olds.” “So I found out the hard way that my food issues led to osteoporosis. Unfortunately, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis at the young age of 22.”


Evancho was diagnosed with bone disease, but it didn’t instantly motivate her to modify her eating habits.

The fact that she “had to eat” to help her broken bones mend “totally messed me up with my eating problems,” she explains. To paraphrase, “Once I was cured, my disease said, ‘OK, now you’ve got to be extremely harsh on yourself to get all of that out of you… and then some.'”

In the end, in October, Evancho checked himself into an inpatient treatment center for help. Her anorexia is a chronic health problem, and getting better is a never-ending process.

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For Evancho, the fight against anorexia didn’t start until she was 15 years old. During her transition to womanhood, “It seemed to me that I had gained some weight, so I jokingly asked my mother, “Do I look fat?”


A resounding “No, no, that’s just baby fat,” she said “When asked, Evancho thought back. So I made the decision to adopt a moderate diet and a regular exercise routine.

Evancho “didn’t get the results” she wanted at the moment, so she ate even less and worked out more. She explains, “I realize that this isn’t normal” when she began to go days without eating. “At first I was fatigued, irritable, and upset, but then I began to feel nothing.”

Evancho’s eating issue was already a problem when she sought outpatient therapy at age 17, but it got much worse when the COVID-19 crisis occurred in 2020.

“The temptation to restrict what I’m eating, on top of eating because I’m bored and panicking because I have this skewed vision of myself in the mirror… it made everything incredibly difficult,” she adds. “There weren’t distractions during COVID.”


Evancho is “still totally in the throes” of her trauma at this point, but she has a newfound desire to prioritize her health.

She visits a therapist and dietitian in an effort to overcome her anorexia and heal from her traumatic experiences through Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).

A year ago, Evancho says, “I was giving in to it fully, and that’s so dark and awful.” Today, she says, “I’m still battling, but I’m fighting,” and that’s a good thing.

Although I am not yet physically fit, I have adopted more positive coping mechanisms and improved my diet.


“Since I was a kid I’ve poured so much blood, sweat, and tears into my career, and to watch that sort of going away because of this devil in my head?

Evancho, whose ninth studio album, Carousel of Time, a cover of Joni Mitchell’s work that will be released in September and features new versions of “Both Sides Now” and “A Case of You,” said she will battle this now because “you can’t take this one thing from me.” “to name a few classics See below for a sneak listen of her “A Case of You” cover, which officially drops July 13.


Evancho has also been composing her own songs; she recently returned from a songwriting trip to Nashville, where she said, “It’s opening old wounds, but painting with the blood; it wasn’t mending, but it was building something beautiful out of something awful.”

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