Jairus Kersey’s New Girlfriend: A Journey of Love and Discovery

On September 2, 1991, a Monday, Jairus Kersey was born in the United States. Jairus Kersey is his given name, but his friends just refer to him as Jairus. He is currently 31 years old, and 74 days from now will be his 32nd birthday. At BirthdayDetails, you can discover more fascinating details about this day as well as your own birthday.

Jairus is a member of the Millennial generation, and a goat is both his zodiac and spirit animal. A pure and kind heart is associated with the goat year. Instead of arguing and making someone else unhappy, they would prefer to suffer in silence. They preserve their own viewpoint even when they are silent. They will go to great lengths to fulfill their fantasies when it comes to their obsessions. Goats are friendly, but they also possess a few sneaky tactics. They are skilled at using soft power to win others over to their point of view.

Jairus Kersey’s New Girlfriend

jairus kersey new girlfriend

Our data indicate that the 31-year-old American rock singer is currently dating Acacia Brinley. Jairus Kersey makes it a point to avoid the spotlight and keeps a low profile when it comes to discussing his personal life.

After four years of marriage, influencer Acacia Brinley and her spouse, Jairus Kersey, have announced their separation. The popular YouTuber announced the news on Instagram, stating, “Yes, I’m single.” Dedicated followers of the influencer pair are curious as to what specifically transpired to result in the breakup. Let’s look at it!

Before getting married in 2018, the couple had been together since 2015, and Brinley’s YouTube channel has chronicled their relationship’s development over the years. Three kids—5-year-old Brinley, 4-year-old Rosemary, and 2-year-old Cali—belong to Kersey and Brinley. However, the mother of three just revealed to her 1.8 million Instagram followers that she is unmarried and looking to date.

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Before Officially Announcing the Break-Up News


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In order to honor someone who “is a big part of my life,” she said she has been attempting to figure out how to “appropriately talk about” what is happening in her life. Despite this, she assured her followers that she and her children are OK. She posted a number of self-portraits in black and white along with the breaking news on Instagram.

“Yes, I’m unmarried. I haven’t been dating anyone recently,” she wrote.” She addressed her supporters directly and said, “Yes, I have all my kiddos.” However, she doesn’t seem very eager to discuss it, as evidenced by her writing, “No, I do not have a storytime. And yeah, I’m at a loss for words.

jairus kersey new girlfriend

Acacia replied to her post by posting a number of screenshots of texts she had exchanged with a friend to share the news. The influencer is Yung Gravy in the screenshots, and she later tagged him in her original post with the words “*Oh and* @yunggravy hit me up.”

The influencer stepped away from all of her social media platforms in October 2021, claiming to her fans that it had grown too poisonous for her and had as a result damaged some of her relationships. After taking some time off, though, Brinley went back to her normal antics and told her TikTok fans that she had “lots of joy” and “lots of loss” while she was away but was simply “happy to be here.” We will attentively monitor the break-up issue for any further developments, even though the influencer hasn’t provided any information on what specifically occurred.